Sunday, January 13, 2008

Your Donations

Sunday evening and all seems fairly normal - at least from where we are sitting. I wish that were the case everywhere but the death toll still continues to rise and the number of displaced people increases.
As the news is highly censored here and the international press has moved on, Kenya is certainly not on the top of the list anymore. In my experience, this is when the work is always at its most difficult point.

My Dad sent a note yesterday and a breakdown of expenses so far:

"Today we managed to visit a total of three places. First thing in the morning Ren and Derrik went to the Kondele Police station and gave maize meal to about 70 people who are stranded because of the clashes.The second place was Masogo, Sarafina's place where we managed to give maize flour, biscuits, soap, matches and cooking fat to 300 women, children and disabled adults. Our last visit was to the Atorney General's premises opposite the Central Police Station. There were 30 people stranded, as they have no where to go. Some of them come from places like Londiani where there is trouble. We gave they a sack of maize meal and some biscuits. There is so much to be done. It is hard to know where to begin..."

Kshillings Pounds

MAIZE FLOUR 76000 580.15
BUS TRANSPORT (23 pax) 34500 263.36
GROCERIES 63700 486.26
MAIZE FLOUR 74300 567.18

TOTAL 250700 1913.74


Suzy said...

Dear Dipesh and Elodie,

Thank you for providing this wonderful service to share information with the world. I hope that you and your loved ones are well and safe.

I am writing to ask you for any information about activist organizing movement groups there in Kenya who have fought for housing for people with AIDS. I am the editor of an online publication called the Solidarity Project, which is read by many AIDS activists in the United States. You can find it at

Thank you so much.

Suzy Subways, editor, Solidarity Project

Dipesh and Elodie said...

Many thanks for your comments Suzy. We have forwarded your message to 2 organisations we've been working with and that are working on HIV prevention and support. We hope they will be able to provide the information you are looking for.

All the best.

Dipesh and Elodie

Suzy said...

Thank you very much.
I will keep reading this great blog for more news, it is very important.