Monday, January 7, 2008

From Kisumu, with gratitude

For a change, we are really at a loss of words. The response from all of you out there has been overwhelming. If only our politicians cared for their own people as much...Thank you - it restores some faith in humanity.

Below is a copy of an email from Ladies in Action (written by my father who is not a Lady!!).

Dear all,
The situation in Kisumu has started to get normal, though quite a number of shops are still closed. Some of the lo
oted ones have started cleaning and restocking. The only supermarket which is open is Nakumatt, but they are allowing only a handful of people inside - leaving people standing in long lines under the hot sun. But, at least they are able to shop. Banks are also open but they also only let a handful of customers in. Most of the hardware shops still remain closed. Milk and bread is available but at an inflated price.
Vegetables are not coming in. The only vegetables available are tomatoes and sukuma wiki. This is a locally grown kale which is part of every Kenyan's daily diet. It literally means, "Push the week!" I believe this is where my son, Dipesh got the idea for the name of this blog!! Let's keep pushing Kenya

The Ladies In Action are already in action. Saraphine Muge from Masogo village has received some flour to feed some old women who had not eaten for a week. Arrangements have been made to purchase maize meal flour from a local miller.

We would like to thank all those who are assisting in fundraising. Special thanks to Dipesh and Elodie and Susan Deans in Jersey. They have put tremendous effort in to creating a blog for this purpose. It has been less than 24 hours and we have already received £1000 sterling!! It's fantastic - a long way to go but we know we have all the support we need out there. Thank you.

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Lisa said...

Dear Dipesh,
Thank you so much for creating this blog and keeping us all informed and updated. I will check the blog daily.

You are all deep in our prayers and we send wishes for strength and hope for all of Kenya.
Lisa (Richard and Lila)
Memphis, Tennessee