Friday, January 25, 2008

Arise and Shine

Activities had to temporarily stop due to the unrest caused by Raila Odinga's presence in Kisumu for the funeral of some of his supporters. Despite his calls for peace, his supporters were screaming for guns. We are beginning to fear the worst. There isn't a person in the country this has not affected. To add to the bad news, my colleague David Njuguna (without whom this blog would not exist without) told us that his mother's farm and house in Nakuru has been completely burnt down. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. David's mother is a retired teacher and they all grew up in Nakuru. After retiring, she spent most of her time tending to her farm and involved in various community charitable projects. She has lost everything she spent her entire life building.

The team finally managed to get out yesterday with a trip to Miwani which is on the sugar belt just outside Kisumu to distribute food items to the children at Arise and Shine Home. We are getting better at this blogging business so I've manage to upload a video from the day thanks to Mr.P's ability to multi-task!

The evidence is starting to pile up that a lot of the attacks may have been premeditated. The New York Times published an article that examines the issue in various parts of the country. Meanwhile Kofi Annan was in Nairobi and managed to make them shake hands
We are hoping a lot more will come out of this than the shilling suddenly getting stronger because two big men with little time for their people shook hands.

And life goes on...

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