Monday, January 14, 2008

Arise and Shine

"Arise and Shine Orphanage was started in January 2007 in Kogony Sublocation within Kisumu Municipality. We are based within the community where there are a large numbers of orphans, widows, and elderly mothers - some even without shelter. Since moving to this community, our focus has been on helping the most vulnerable children and elderly mothers. We are now seeking financial support, which will enable us to help the large number of orphans here. At the moment we support 32 children in the center and 14 from the surrounding community.

We are very thankful for the work of Ladies in Action. We have known their team since 2005 when we were working with another children's home. Since the start of our new project, they have donated 2 bunk beds and 4 mattresses for our girls who had been sharing their bedding. Additional donations of food and children's clothing were also given at Christmas for around 120 children. We see that Ladies in Action has a big heart, and greatly appreciate how they have helped our needy chilren.

We humbly take this opportunity to ask for assistance of any kind, especially food, in order to help the children staying around the Kogony area. We have many orphans staying with their grandparents, most of whom are elderly, have no steady source of income, and largely depend on the community for survival. Some have even lost their eye sight, while others have been living on small incomes from selling firewood and sisal fiber at the Bandani and Mamboleo markets.
With the current situation, this has come to a stand still. In early December, a tin of maize cost 35/- shillings. At the moment it has risen to 100/- shillings, making it difficult for them to afford even one meal a day. Being a Community Based Organization, these children and their grandparents have been showing up in our compound for help and support, but the situation has overwhelmed us. Previously, we had been giving the children at least a meal a day at the compound. Now because the number has greatly increased, we have only been able to give a single cup of uji (porridge). Prices of breads have also tripled and vegetables are not adequately available for even the orphans staying in the center.

120 orphans benefited from the early Christmas gifts brought to them. 40 widows who care for them also benefited. Please, we will appreciate any additional help you are able to provide." Yours faithfully,

Nancy Joan Okoth and Joahanes Okoth Obonyo
Arise and Shine Orphanage
P.O.Box 118-40123

Arise & Shine Orphanage has received 50 kg of Uji (porridge) Mix to start feeding the orphans around the area. Nancy has been informed the we hope to give her regular supplies in future.


Anonymous said...

im a mate of casey quirke and we are going to raise a shed load of cash by this time next year..


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