Friday, January 18, 2008

Remembering the elderly

The past three days have been tainted with violent clashes between the police and the opposition but one would never know living where we do. Somehow, the police have contained the riots and we ostensibly plod on with our normal lives. It would be easy to forget that there are still people dying out there and hundreds of thousands of displaced and hungry people. The BBC continues to provide regular updates and Africa News has set up a specific platform with videos and direct reports from obeservers.
But, having said all this I truly believe that the majority of us in Kenya just want peace. Kenyans have come out in the masses to help victims, to ease the suffering and to show that we are one nation made up of many different cultures but bound all by one thing - our love for Kenya.
And no politician can ever take that away.

Meanwhile, Kisumu remains a ghost town and most people are desperately trying to claim their lives back. Ladies in Action had to put activities on hold for the past three days due to the nationwide protests that turned into small battlefields. Five people were killed today in Kisumu alone.
On tuesday, they did manage to get out to Chiga and Kibos where they managed to distribute maize flour and biscuits to over 800 children and the elderly. It is a sad fact that the old are often forgotten in poor communities.

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