Friday, January 11, 2008

Tobias Kadongo - A man with a mission

I have known Tobias for years. He has become part of the family and like my father is another Lady in Action. Tobias, like so many of the community outreach volunteers, is an ex-teacher. And like my father, I don't know what my mother would do without him and I certainly don't know what Kisumu would do without him...

Tobias wears many different philanthropic hats. On the one hand, he is the coordinator for Ladies in Action and the Klara Foundation whom I have mentioned in an earlier post. He is also an active church leader in Sinyolo, which has been affected by the elections as it is border area between different the Luhyia and the Luo:

"On behalf of the Sinyolo Community I thank you for the support and donations. Today we have managed to cater total of 480 elderly mothers/ fathers and children. May almighty God Bless you as you carry on with this service for the needy once.

Tobias Evans Kodongo

Church Secretary "

Tobias also sent us an email to give you all a little more background to Ladies in Action:

I, Tobias Evans Kodongo aged 57 ,have been working with Ladies In Action and the Klara Foundation for the last 8 years, as Regional Coordinator under our Director Mrs. Nejla Pabari.
Our work involves:
  1. Helping the widows & widowers, orphans with vulnerable cases. We normally give them groceries, cloths, blankets etc.
  2. We sponsor students for various training of their choices for two years.
  3. The widows and widowers are given garden tools, seeds and technical advice to make the self sufficient.
  4. We hold medical camps at different places once a week during school days.
  5. We carry our de-worming at various schools and centers for the local community.
  6. We build class rooms for schools
  7. The disabled once receive items like wheel chairs, etc. We also assist them by taking them to doctors for operation smile
  8. The dilemma now is the current crises in Kenya after the Election. The needy cases have increased and we needy lots of assistance in form of money to buy items like food, blankets, soap etc .

We hereby kindly request for any form of assistance to get these items. Any kind of support is welcome so we can continue helping the needy once in Kenya.

Tobias Evans Kodongo


Ladies In Action & Klara Foundation

January 10th 2008

And a final note of thanks to everyone out there. You have raised £3,500 all together!! And that is just what has come in directly to the blog!

On a housekeeping note, there was a comment stating that the donation button is not working. We have just checked it and it seems to be fine. Please make sure you enter a number in the donation square before you click on the paypal.

And the show goes on as we continue to clean up from the political games that our leaders play with us...


Dipesh and Elodie said...

Friends from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey (where my sister and I went to college):

"I am a graduate of the dept. of Economics. I teach at the Dept. of
Business Adm. We received information about your cause from one of our
graduates who I believe used to know you from METU (Meltem Sasaoglu)."
I hope the support helps!
Adil Oran

the wocha said...

dipesh, donation works now. i think your site was just busy cause even the verification image wasn't coming up.

i'll spread word around and hopefully the donations will continue coming in.

- the wocha