Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Media supports our initiative

Not even two days into fundraising and we have received over £1,700!! That is the equivalent of Ksh. 240,000?-!!! Wow! Ladies in Action can feed hundreds daily from this. Thank you all so much. We are receiving donations from every continent and the amazing thing is that so many of you are sending out the appeals through your own networks!

Unfortunately, good news never comes without bad news. Elodie just spoke to my mother and heard some rather depressing news. 60 children have been abandoned at the Kibos Prison on the outskirts of Kisumu and they are starving. One of the partners has reported it to the police. Ladies in Action are investigating the situation at the moment and no matter how bad it is, they will get on top of it. We will update you as soon as we know.

Meanwhile, the media is also being extremely supportive as they also want to highlight stories where people are trying to deal with this mess our politicians have got us into. Africa News have released a front page story. Please click on the hyperlink or on the Related Links on this page to read the full story. May I also encourage people to leave comments on their site as this always encourages others and is a great way to get the news out far and wide!

Once again, thanks so much to everyone out there...tuko pamoja!

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Dipesh and Elodie said...


Hi Dipesh,

thanks for your initiative, I stayed in the compound in Tom Mboya from March to July. I got the information of your initiative from Marlies, a German friend. She also used to live there.
I wish you, your family and all the people in Kisumu a lot of energy and hopefully this craziness will stop soon.

Best regards to your parents,