Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Tribute to the Man in Black - By Vivek Mehta

This is a tribute to the “Man In Black T Shirt”
His name we may or may not know
But that’s how he was referred to by the KTN Television network
The date was Wednesday 16th January 2008
I spent an hour sitting alone last night replaying the KTN clip in my mind

Did you see it?
The Man in Black was dancing in Nyanza , Kenya – was it in Kisumu?

He was Dancing and also Protesting with his friends

He was exercising one of his basic Human Rights – The Right to Free Speech and Assembly

He had no stone to hurl and no panga in his hand to hurt
He was just Dancing and Protesting

He was not looting either

Just Dancing and Protesting
Then came the grand finale

He was running away… he was not fighting

He was not dancing or protesting either

The Man in Green was only a few feet away

Two rapid shots from an automatic rifle

and the dance was over ….

The Man in Black lay on the floor together with his friend

He tried to get up one more time – he was only dancing!!

But the shot had done its job

As he tumbled down yet again the brute in Green had to kick him

Probably to kick the Man in Black’s last breath out

That was the sudden end to the Dance

Farewell Man in Black – a friend I never got to meet

A friend who gave up his life for Kenyans’ freedom

As I sat I realized that The Man in Black was probably a ‘poor man’

No riches and no bank account either to his name

All I can offer his Soul are my Prayers for His Soul’s Peaceful Journey

And May My Prayers and those of Many Others enrich your Soul

And May that Enrichment of your Soul be our reward and thanks for your Sacrifice

May that Enrichment Power your Journey

And your Soul be Blessed with Riches not seen

I take Solace in that the Nature of the Soul is


After this thought propped up in my Being

Yet another Powerful thought Burst thru

This was the one that surprised me, my friend

May the World of Justice Notice this Brutal Crime against Humanity

In the Meantime May Peace and Justice Prevail in Kenya

When will we see sense in this beautiful Land and Country called Kenya?

By Vivek Mehta Jan 17th 2008, Mombasa


William Deed said...

A very moving poem.

Earlier today I saw the video of the man in black being shot dead, and could not begin to believe it.

Kash said...

A very powerful and moving poem.

I was immediately drawn into the moment and it was a timely reminder of the brutalities unfolding in Kenya.

Tim said...

Very powerful indeed, it's stuck in my mind even now.
Saw this on the BBC website which is probably of little comfort to the "man in blacks" family: