Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Hit Parade

Since we started this blog, we have received donations from almost 100 of our friends, friends of friends, friends of Kisumu, friends of the Ladies in Action. We have hit £4000 in less than two weeks and for those of you following the blog, so much has been done in such a small amount of time by members of Ladies in Action. I posted a breakdown of funds earlier this week and tremendous work has been done thanks to all your support.
I wish I could say this is it. Thanks and we are getting things back to normal. For a moment there were signs of hope until yesterday when the 10th Parliament opened and today when the first of the calls from the opposition for mass protest rallies started. Kisumu and Eldoret have been the worst hit yet again. Nairobi's CBD was virtually abandoned and clashes in Kibera continued. I have put various links to fellow Kenyan bloggers and some of my favourite news sites on this blog for more indepth news and analysis.
We are grateful to all of you and knowing that all of you who this is for, I don't feel I need to keep saying thank you. I am depressed and I am ashamed that this is the face of Kenya...


Dipesh and Elodie said...

From Shahid Gani:

"The world has indeed moved on. I have been trawling the papers for the last week looking for the latest news and the most I get these days is a paragraph, if that. It gives the impression that everything is OK. Well as long as we still get our flowers and runner beans.........!!!!! I have to say, I was surprised to still see these in the supermarkets.

What I really hate is the image that will remain in everyones' minds of yet more barbaric Africans chopping people with machetes. The press do not focus on the wonderful work being done by Kenyans. I wish this was focused on sometimes. I am proud to come from Kenya. There are problems but where aren't there problems. I wish there was a more rounded reporting."

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