Friday, January 11, 2008

This says it all...


Dipesh and Elodie said...

Hello Dipesh-

I just wanted to thank you and your family for caring so much for Kenya and helping the people in a time of need.

God bless you.

the wocha said...

hi dipesh,

i know your family and admire the work the ladies in action has been doing over the years.

great great great work on helping out the disadvantaged. nice to see so many smiling faces after the election mayhem.

i doubt your paypal donation button is working. please fix it and let us know via a post when we can continue donating to this wonderful cause.

- the wocha

HASH said...

Great shots and coverage. I found your blog via MamaMikes. Two things I wanted to mention.

First, I've add your blog to the list of bloggers covering the crisis in Kenya at

Second, consider adding your images to the Flickr group at