Friday, February 1, 2008

Thanks from Thomas

Thomas is one of thousands of Kenyans who have become victims simply because they speak a different language. He managed to get his family back safely thanks to your donations and the Ladies in Action. Yesterday, when I was driving home I was listening to a BBC programme which interviewed several different people who have either lost their homes of family members or have been committing acts of violence. One was a young man barely 18, who admitted to setting a church on fire with two people inside. He said he felt guilty but would do it again if he was told to by the elders. The other was an elder who said that they would continue killing Kikuyus as long as Kibaki remained in power. The third was a Kikuyu lady who property was destroyed and she was trying to get to Uganda for safety. She said that she would return one day and would take back what was hers even if it takes violence. People are bitter, people are angry and now it is has broken down to tit-for-tat.
Today, the BBC reported on a mob that killed at least ten people
including the police man who shot the MP dead yesterday. Tit-for-tat. How is this going to end?