Thursday, February 21, 2008

Resettling the roots

As mentioned in previous posts, Ladies in Action are focusing on helping as many Internally Displaced People as they can. Thousands of Luos have been forced to come to the safety of Kisumu while thousands of Kikuyus have been forced to flee Kisumu and Luo dominated areas. It struck me that my own heritage has similar incidences. When India received independance in 1947 and Pakistan was created, hundreds of thousands of Muslims and Hindus moved in either direction and tens of thousands if not more were murdered during this exodus. The same happened earlier when the Ottoman Empire came to an end and Turkey was formed as a nation and Greeks and Turks who had lived as neighbours in peace had to flee their homes and find sanctuary amongst "their own kind." We never learn. History is indeed a relationship of mutual enslavement.

"On Wednesday, 20th February 2008 Ladies In Action visited a group of about 50 women and their children who were forced to flee their homes in Nakuru and Naivasha areas. They came to their home areas in Sinyolo, but did not have anything to live on. We felt that they best thing was to give them a start to stand on their own feet as quick as possible. They were given supplies like paraffin; grocery; omena (small fish), and jembes (hoes) as well as maize, tomato and sukuma (kale) seeds. We discussed how they can start a small business and earn their living. School going children also received bicycles and items for school."

Thank you for everything you are doing for our country. Thank you...

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