Friday, February 15, 2008

And a big thanks from the children of Lake Victoria!


Anonymous said...

From Emmet and Aurelija:

"Hey man, glad we could help out with our humble contribution. I really have to hand it to you and your parents for your work in Kisumu. It's been heart breaking to see Kenya being torn apart by this insanity. I can imagine it's tough for you especially because your home-town will take years to recover from this devastation, not just the physical wreckage, but the emotional wreckage and feelings of antagonism that will intensify between the Kikukuyus & Luo, Kalenjin and others. Good on 'ya for getting the word out through your blog, we've been following it closely."

Anonymous said...

From Lisa Warburton:

"Its an amazing thing you and your family are doing..."

Anonymous said...

From Kajal Mehta:

"Keep up the good feels great to be able to help for your country."

Anonymous said...

Dear Dipesh,

my friend Johannes Rupp who spent some time in Kisumu last year told me about your initiative. I sincerely hope that you will be able to support those people who have been displaced and hurt and to reestablish a peaceful neighbourhood in the region.

Best regards