Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Exodus

A recent report by the UN News Agency, IRIN, states that almost 10,000 people have moved back to their ancestral homes in western Kenya. The previous posts have been highlighting what Ladies in Action and others are trying to do about this. The other issue is that more or less all Kikuyus have been forced to get away from Western Kenya due to persecution. Many are not able to even afford the bus fare so Ladies in Action purchased 11 tickets to add to the 56 that were purchased before to get people to places like Nairobi and even as far as Lamu.


rasthadan said...

Found your blog searching for missing friends. Missing from Nairobi since at least just before the elections. Been told they might have been stuck in Kisumu after the violence. They are not back in Nairobi. I am in Canada so it is difficult to search from here. The last name is or should be OTINGA, the ladies name is Klara or Clara. They live in Parklands when in Nairobi but haven't been at work since. That's where we have internet and myspace links. Can anyone inquire or know if there are NGO's that can look for people.

Thanks. We have fundraisers here for helping in Kenya, can you give us some contacts so that we can help. Thanks Daniel

Sukuma Kenya said...

If you have a mobile phone no. I can try and look for them. I also suggest you contact the Red Cross. Do you know where they work?
If you are interesting in helping, you can donate through Sukuma Kenya or check out Mama Mikes blog. We are focusing on IDPs in Kisumu.
Let me know if you need any assistance.