Saturday, February 9, 2008

Taking Time Out

After much discussion, I finally managed to convince my folks to get away from Kisumu for a weekend. It's so good to see them and though they look worn out understandably, they are in good health. Although they have not been affected directly by the crises, being at the epic center of a disaster takes its toll. As my mother says, they wake up to the problems around them, spend their whole day dealing with the problems and the evenings are spent talking about it or watching the situation on TV. It's exhausting!
But there seems to be a ray of hope as the rivaling political parties are coming to an agreement over power sharing. Unfortunately, for the hundreds of thousands of people that have suffered at the mercy of political incompetency, their problems will continue. And once again, Kisumu is at the epic center. In addition to the rising crime, hundreds of displaced Luos are returning to Kisumu for safety. This is going ot the main priority for Ladies in Action - helping as many people as possible to resettle or at least meet some of the basic needs.

I was born in Kisumu and many years and places later, I came back and settled down for four years and loved it. I met Elodie, the love of my life in Kisumu (I did not have to go too far - she came straight to our compound!). My memories of Kisumu are not covered in the blood of political incompetency and I would like to keep them that way.

As a good friend once said, "Ahhh, Kisumu - the center of the world!"

It certainly is our center and I hope one day that everyone can have as good as memories as these ones...

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