Saturday, February 23, 2008

Resettling the roots 2

With a strong link back in their home areas in western Kenya, these ladies just needed a supporting hand to get started. Seeds for to plant, a few items such as salt, cooking oil, and sugar to sell will get hopefully get them on their feet again. Good luck to all of you!


Anonymous said...

Dear friends,

On behalf of Sharon, Denise, Mikanda, Zaida, Thirza, Thessa, Rachidah, Jerry, Gwinyai and myself; Dipesh and Ladies in Action please keep up the good work! We have made a donation, and knowing Mrs. Pabari, this money will go to good use.
My thoughts are with Kenya.
Wendy York

Sukuma Kenya said...

Dear Wendy and friends,

Thanks so much for the donation. I know Wendy will also have a special place in her heart for Kisumu and we hope one day that you will come back to a better Kisumu than even the one you visited.