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Love the tag on this blog: "stupid MPs"!! Click on image to view blog.

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Calling for Submissions

Wajibu: Volume 24, Issue I

Digitizing Kenya – The impact of multimedia on the socio-cultural and political landscape in Kenya

Words: 1200 – 2000
Deadline: February 25th 2009
Publication Date: Mid-March

“To many in the developed world, the ‘networked public sphere’ connotes the potential for a more public discourse, increased transparency, and positive cooperation of all kinds. Throughout sub-Saharan Africa where artificial borders and legacies of ethnic strife have yet to solidify many countries into nations, the narrative is more complicated…The internet and mobile phone have lowered barriers to participations and increased opportunities for many-to-many communication…” (Goldstein and Rotich: Digitally Networked Technology in Kenya’s 2007-2008 Post-Election Crises)

We invite submissions on all aspects of how digital technology is shaping public discourse, culture, politics and economy in Kenya. Topics of particular (but not exclusive) interest are:

· The internet and social justice
· How development operates within the new face of communications
· Integrating digital technologies into mainstream media
· Trade and economy
· Civil society interactions
· ‘Good governance’ and human rights discourses
· Cultural interactions
· The evolution of content

WAJIBU: a journal of social and ethical concern, is a Kenyan journal that has been published in Kenya for the past 22 years and has subscribers not only in Kenya but in various other countries in Africa and abroad. Every three months readers are treated to an array of in-depth analytical coverage of issues such as “Peacebuilding: gaining or losing?” “The Millennium development goals,” “Education: a constant challenge,” “Roadmap to a just society,” “Culture and values,” “Traditional African wisdom and modern life,” “Human dignity and the value of one life,” and other issues of major concern to Africans and those who love Africa .

For further information or to submit: dpinkenya (at) yahoo (dot) co (uk)

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Open letter to Members of Parliament

28th DECEMBER 2008

This is letter from Mwananchi addressed to you Honourable Members of Parliament through the people’s platform Bunge la Mwananchi:

  • Hon. Anyang’ Nyong’o, African Research and Resource Forum (ARRF);
  • Hon. James Orengo, Law Society of Kenya (LSK)/former member, NCEC;
  • Hon. Martha Karua, Law Society of Kenya (LSK);
  • Hon. Cecily Mbarire, former Co-ordinator, Youth Agenda (YAA);
  • Hon. Kabando wa Kabando, former student leader;
  • Hon. Sheikh Dor, Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI);
  • Hon. Millie Odhiambo, The Child Rights Advisory Centre (CRADLE);
  • Hon. Gitobu Imanyara, Law Society of Kenya (LSK);
  • Hon. Sophia Abdi, WOMANKIND;
  • Hon. Rachel Shebesh;
  • Hon. Ababu Namwamba, Chambers of Justice (COJ), Law Society of Kenya (LSK), Cancel Debt for the Child Campaign;
  • Hon. Bonny Khalwale, NCEC, male rep. Western Province in NCA;
  • Hon. Kilemi Mwiria, former Deputy Secretary General, UASU;
  • Hon. Mutava Musyimi, former Secretary General, National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK);
  • Hon. Linah Jebii Kilimo, Education Centre for Women in Democracy (ECWD), Co-ordinator, Stop FGM Campaign, Rift Valley;
  • Hon. Danson Mungatana, Law Society of Kenya (LSK)/former member, Amnesty International (AI); and
  • Hon. Peter Munya, Law Society of Kenya (LSK), former Kenya Law Students’ Society Chair.
Honourable citizens, Bunge la Mwananchi remembers with nostalgia that the very ideals that we fight for today such as human rights, equality, democracy, freedom, democratic constitution, political accountability and transparency, sustainable development and people sensitive leadership, were ideals that you once believed in, spoke eloquently about and worked hard to achieve before you entered the August house. Indeed, in fighting for these ideals, you even experienced the heavy hand of the government’s oppressive machinery as you voiced your concern for the rights of all Kenyans particularly the rights of children, youth, women and other marginalized, vulnerable and poverty stricken groups, advocated for the development of marginalized areas such as Northern and Coastal areas of Kenya and preached the right to food; right to better housing; right to work; right to education and right to health care.

Because we are convinced that you still believe in these ideals and we have faith that each of you is still part of the struggle to make the abovementioned ideals a reality, through this letter Mwananchi calls upon you to demonstrate your undying commitment to those ideals, by paying tax on your allowances.

We know that you are each aware that if the 17 of you, listed above, joined the Mwananchi movement to pressure Members of Parliament to pay taxes on their allowances; you are more than able to convince 222 legislators to pay up their taxes. Honourable Member of Parliament, do you know that from this patriotic act, our exchequer would raise over K.Shs. 3 billion in the 10th Parliament which can form “sufficient aid” towards resettlement of IDPs, resettlement of persons from the Mau Forest, providing food to starving thousands in Eastern, North Eastern and Coast provinces where there is a looming famine, subsidising agriculture to develop food security, investment in development projects, improving infrastructure, providing free secondary education and reducing youth unemployment?

Indeed, as Members of Parliament you are no longer activists but policy makers which means that you now have the AUTHORITY, the POWER, the TOOLS OF STATE and the RESOURCES needed to practice that which you held dear as activists. Today, you have been presented with a messiahnic opportunity to address the very issues that you identified as pertinent during your activist past. Unfortunately, we have seen so little by way of action from you in your new status as lawmakers. In the Kenyan public mind, paying taxes on your allowances would be a great first step towards persuading us of your commitment to our priority development issues as summarised above and towards the shared dream of 40 million Kenyans – that another Kenya is possible!

Kenyan taxpayers and voters represented through Bunge la Mwananchi would like to know when you are writing your cheque to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) remitting your taxes on your respective allowances so that we can accompany you in solidarity as you join the roll of honour of the Kenyan taxpayers army.

Bunge la Mwananchi is a people’s movement mobilizing and organizing 40 million Kenyans to resist oppression, fight for social justice and demand for responsive and accountable leadership at all levels in Kenya; and also a member of the Kenya National Civil Society Congress (NCSC).
We anticipate your quick response and appropriate action!

Yours in the struggle for a Just and Equitable Society,
Bunge la Mwananchi

ODM, NARC-K, PNU and ODM-K Head Quarters

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lest we forget...

Christmas Day: a day synonymous with joy and happiness. But for post elections clash victims still living in camps, celebrating Christmas with no food and clothing is a hard lump to swallow. Politics ruined their lives and Christmas, and for now it's just a fairy tale...

From Citizen TV

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Maisha ni Matamu?

This is a tribute to the children of Kenya who stand for something new and fresh, who are the only hope that we have in a country so riddled with corruption and poverty; a continent so beautiful but so entrenched within its inability to come out of crises.

Children never ask for much and when they do, their needs remind us how simple it all is. And that is all I can ask from Kenya: keep it simple...

A right to running water; a right to three square meals a day; a right to a good education; a right to have fun...yes indeed, maisha ni matamu so Mr. Politician, give your people a chance. Give our country the right to life...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Can we? No, we can’t!

Press statement - Can we? No, we can’t!
Bunge La Mwananchi

We have convened as Bunge la Mwananchi leaders to reflect on the past one year of creating awareness on governance issues and generating effective demand for responsive, responsible and accountable leadership in Kenya at all levels. We have been doing this through various activities as part of a nationwide campaign encouraging Kenyans to hold to account all those who have committed improprieties especially in public office.

The campaign, which climaxed on Jamhuri day celebration at Nyayo Stadium, had actually started in March 2008. The campaign was initially mobilized around "unga for 30/-“ as a clarion call and later revised to include "ushuru".

Our earlier activities with the public included holding public forums where Kenyans would come and share their views on governance openly and suggest ways forward. However, the government through the police brutality, arrests, threats and intimidation made it difficult for us to enjoy our freedoms as protected under chapter 5 of the constitution of Kenya.

Noticing that the government's (in)security machinery often violently disrupts lawful and peaceful public meetings and street processions before the message is delivered, in the run up to Jamhuri day we decided to be creative in our communication tactics and instead deliver our message at State organized functions.

Therefore, armed with our mouths on the 12th December, 2008 we made for Nyayo Stadium to dramatize our disappointment with a grand coalition leadership that was presiding over unchecked price increase for basic commodities especially unga, bus-fare increase as result of high fuel prices, reluctance of the political class to implement the Waki report, the criminal behaviour of members of parliament refusing to pay tax and the latest addition of gagging the media.

Through the heroic actions of the thousand Bunge la Mwananchi members who thronged the Nyayo Stadium on Jamhuri day, and especially, through Fredrick Odhiambo, we terminated President Kibaki's speech although an attempt to hand the Head of State a petition letter failed.

We recognize that the issues we risked our lives to bring to the nation’s attention have not dissipated and are therefore make the following demands:

Food: while we campaigned for unga for 30/- the government intervention gave us unga for 52/- and 72/-. Why the difference in prices? When will that unga get to shops in the countryside? Basic commodity price is still high, many families still cannot access food, and majority of Kenya are on skip-a-meal program or in the danger of starvation. This is shameful. Our message to the government and all political leaders is that they do not have business being in power if they cannot ensure food security for all Kenyans. Plans must be made to zero rate tax on all basic commodities. If the government, especially President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila, do not check the price of basic commodities quickly, “the terminator” of the Jamhuri speech will pale in comparison as we shall invoke other unconventional methods of communication and dramatization of unga issues.

Fuel: on fuel pump price reduction – an estimated 15million urban poor use kerosene for cooking; and according to KRA an estimated 5million Kenyans have cars. Why then is the price of Kerosene higher than that of petrol?

MPs taxation debate – taxes fund national projects such as roads, schools and hospitals among others. We earn less than 10,000/- per month and we are sufficiently philanthropic to participate in nation building. Does the MPs refusal to pay tax mean they are sufficiently against national building? Why should we pay tax to feed fat people while Kenyans starve? We are now asking the current MPs who worked in the NGOs and Civil Society and who spoke eloquently as human rights defenders: “When are you writing your tax check so that we come and escort you to KRA?”

On the Media bill: the media serves the whole society and not just politicians. The media has done well in it is work of telling stories of our struggles, especially in helping us demand to know who and why the Members of Parliament don’t want to pay tax. Our message is that the media serves 40million Kenyans not only 222 members of parliament. In a democracy like Kenya, we the 40million must have the day; we demand that MPs stay away from our media of communication. We are challenging President Kibaki to use wisdom not to sign that bill into law. If he does the mistake he shall have invited the wrath of 40 million Kenyans into a protest.

Today’s Bunge la Mwananchi leaders consultative meeting at Shauri Moyo YMCA, has drawn representation from Bunge la Mwananchi’s network across Nairobi (especially its informal settlements), Kisumu, Siaya, Eldoret, Nakuru, Naivasha and Mombasa. We have adopted this meeting as a forum to reflect, deliberate, vocalise and dramatise issues and protests against apparent injustices as set out earlier, all of which are close to the hearts of the many Kenyans that are represented by this cross section.

We invite all the 40 million members of Bunge la Mwananchi to remain firm in the demand for responsive and accountable leadership and where there are improprieties they must hold those involved to account.

NOTE: Sukuma Kenya advocates for NON VIOLENT CHANGE

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sukuma year later

It all began about one year ago when things fell apart. This blog was created to raise social capital to help people whose lives were totally annihilated by Kenya politicians. It's a story that has been told a 1001 times.
Whilst the blog has evolved into a ground for voicing the frustrations of the mass from its original purpose of fundraising and reporting, Ladies In Action run by my folks and a few others in Kisumu has continued to do what needs to be done: building schools, wells, paying school fees, helping orphans and the countless destitutes that the Kenyan government has created.
One year later, I don't think we have made any progress as a country. The blood that was spilled in the name of democracy has left no stains on the conscience of those that it was spilled for. The last couple of weeks have truly revealed the stench of evil that masquerades as politics.
So Sukuma Kenya continues to scream and Ladies In Action continues to give hope. We are just glad that we can help in giving hope once in a while because screaming all year has done nothing more than left us with sore throats. A while ago, we came up with an idea to buy Kenyan books for Kenyan children and as always the Klara Foundation has stood by us and supported the necessary funds to back goodwill and giving to the less fortunate. Thanks do a donation of 2000 euros, we were able to purchase a bunch of school text books as well as handful of publications from Sasa Sema/Longhorn, Wajibu and Philo Ikonya's little inspirational treat based on young Obama
Ladies In Action gave out the first parcel of books to Arise and Sunshine Orphanage and will be giving out several parcels to schools and orphanages after the school holidays. Children will be given their own copies of various story books and the schools will be given a variety of books.
Tu endelea kusukuma nchi yetu, Kenya...

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In the name of...tshirts...and teargas...

Our struggle with stupidity goes on...

The moth

An unusual look into what is bothering Kenyans...
By Biki the sufuria man...

The Moth

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kenya's most notorious get VIP seats on Jamhuri Day

How much worse does it get? Nicholas Biwott...Kamlesh Pattni?? Front seats next to the President stone faced and proud...THIS IS KENYA.

Picture is front page of the East African
Thanks Mambo Africa!

Updates on a government scared of tshirts...

Via Bunge La Mwananchi:

Police bar civil society and media from visiting Frederick Odhiambo:

By way of update - when a number of Bunge la Mwananchi members, accompanied by the press, attempted to visit Frederick Odhiambo earlier this morning at the Nairobi Women's Hospital, we were barred from seeing him by the police who are guarding him. As I write, we have still not been able to see Odhiambo. This is an apt example of the rampant government heavy handedness that Kenyans have had enough of.
The policemen guarding him have informed us that they are under strict instructions not to allow anyone, especially the press, to visit him. We have further been told that we must have permission from "the police officer", although they will not clearly say who this police officer is.
We are still making attempts to get in and see him and once we are successful, I will update you on how he is faring.
Thank you all for your continued support as Kenyans continue to join in solidarity in fighting against high food and basic commodity prices, high fuel prices, the MPs resistance to pay tax and the general culture of impunity of the political elite, including attempting to muzzle the freedom of information through the Media Bill.

Latest update: Mwalimu and Mrs Mati released from Langata police station:

Thanks to people power, Mwalimu Mati and his wife have just been released from the Langata police station. They have been released pending investigations since the police did not have adequate evidence to charge them with incitement. Thank you for everyone who lobbied for and kept vigil until their release.
In the meantime, we have still not been able to visit Frederick Odhiambo who is under tight secuity at the Nairobi Women's Hospital where he was admitted yesterday following police brutality inflicted upon him at the time of his arrest. I urge you to continue lobbying with Bunge la Mwananchi for access to and subsequently the immediate release of Mr Odhiambo from police custody.
Kenyans have been empowered to recognise their rights and freedoms of conscience, thought and information. We shall not be cowered by police heavy handedness and brutality and will not let up until we have the Kenya that Kenyans want. Let us remain bold to condemn any segregation of Kenyans by the political elite. Let us remain resolute to fight impunity. Let us keep up the people power that we have had all along and must exercise for ours and our children's welfare.
In solidarity,

Saturday, December 13, 2008

URGENT: appeal for release of Mwalimu Mati and others

From members of Kenya for Peace, Truth and Justice:

As you know, many were detained yesterday following attempts to peacefully protest during Jamhouri Day celebrations.

Most of those detained have since been released.


1. Mwalimu Mati of the Media Analysis and Research Services (MARS) Group and his wife Jane remain in custody at Langata Police Station Nairobi...they have not yet been charged (at which point they could apply for bail) more than 24 hours after their detention...we are deeply concerned that the intent is to hold them for no apparent purpose up to the maximum of 48 hours.

2. Fred Odhiambo of Bunge la Wananchi was just brought to Langata Police Station from Nyayo Stadium, where he'd been detained overnight. He has been badly beaten and has just been moved to Nairobi Women's Hospital for treatment, still in detention.

3. Four colleagues in Garissa remain in detention for simply trying to present the Provincial Commissioner with a memorandum.


1. Use any influence you have in government to demand all's unconditional release...the rights to the freedoms of assembly and expression have been violated by their continued detention;
2. Focus attention on the Commissioner of Police, where the directive for their contined detention seems to be coming from;
3. Focus attention on the President and Prime Minister for having utterly failed to demonstrate enlightened leadership during yesterday's events;
4. Ensure this sad story gets to the media, here and elsewhere as well as to any and all diplomatic contacts we have.

Click HERE to read the full statement from the Partnership for Change

Friday, December 12, 2008

Arrested for wearing a tshirt!


Breaking news from Bunge La Mwananchi: Caroline Mutoko, Mwalimu Mati, 60 others arrested at Nyayo Stadium

Caroline Mutoko of Kiss FM and Mwalimu Mati of Mars Group Kenya have this morning been arrested at the Nyayo National Stadium, Nairobi. The two have been taken to the Langata police station. 60 other Kenyans are also being bundled into waiting police vehicles and it appears that it is planned to distribute those arrested in various police stations across the city.

The 62 are part of a larger group of Kenyans that had gone to attend the national event at the Nyayo National Stadium as we mark Jamhuri Day today and use the forum to address our leaders, making the Kenyan citizen’s grievances heard.

They were all wearing black T Shirts with the message “No Tax for MPs, No Tax for Us” which is part of the campaign being run in conjunction with Kenyans who care and university students to protest against MPs refusal to pay tax.

Picture taken by Mentalacrobatics. More pics available HERE

The black T Shirt campaign forms part of a larger campaign where Kenyans have over the past few days held demonstrations, rallies, boycotts as they are protesting against the ongoing food crisis, the escalating prices of basic commodities, the high price of fuel and the MPs culture of impunity.

The urgent help required is:

legal representation,

cash bail for each person arrested,

tracing and visiting all the arrested at the various police stations where they have been taken,

lobbying for their immediate release, and

any other help you are able to render.

Let us all join together to keep up the pressure against the culture of impunity in Kenya and protect our hard earned rights that were so valiantly fought for by our independence heroes.

Together in solidarity,

Bunge la Mwananchi

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Guidelines for Citizens' Direct Action on 1Oth, 11th and 12th December 2008!

A message from Bunge la Mwananchi;

Dear Kenyans and friends of Kenya,

Our struggle for people sensitive, responsible and accountable leadership is firmly on! Kenyans are fired up to use their creativity to dramatize and communicate their dissatisfaction to their leaders. December 10th, 11th and 12th remain our days for civil direct action, the days for display of people power!

The guidelines of expected action is as follows:

On 10th December 2008 at 9.30am, we assembly at Bunge HQ, Jeevanjee Garden Park where we shall short speeches and then start a procession through city centre to Muthurwa market and then head to Huruma sports ground.

At Huruma sports ground we shall have public meeting where grassroot Kenyans shall outline their priority human right issues as part of celebration World Human Rights Day. The meeting shall also serve as mobilization for the next two days’ activity. Similar mobilization activities will take place in other place across the country through our partner and network organization.

On 11th December 2008, to express their anger and discontentment, Kenyans will refrain themselves from using public or private vehicles; and where they have to go to work they shall walk as a sign of solidarity with civil direct action. We beseech employers to show solidarity by allowing Kenyans to stay off work.

On the 12th December 2008, our major direct action day, we must all jam various Jamhuri celebration venues armed with our "mouth" to communicate eloquently our frustrations. Our clarion call to all our issues of discontentment will remain "unga!" "Unga" (maize flour) is the symbol of our people power just like "bread" was a symbol of French revolution. During the celebration speeches at district, provincial and national level, to everything the speakers shall say, we shall respond with "unga!".

The power to create another Kenya is in your hand do not sit back!

For information or help please reach myself on 0720 451 235 or Birundu on 0713972941

George Nyongesa

Bunge la Mwananchi

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

WAJIBU MAGAZINE: Values for a planet in turmoil

"In this issue of WAJIBU, we seek to interrogate how our values have changed with time; we examine where our traditional values meet with what can be referred to as modern universal values. And never before has there been such an opportune time to reflect on these matters. This year Kenyans witnessed unprecedented inter-community violence following the 2007 presidential election fiasco; we also observed a level of violence in our schools never before seen in our country. And currently the world is facing what might turn out to be its biggest economic meltdown ever. Across from our continent, a country that has for years been a symbol of racial discrimination has elected a man from a minority racial group as its president. In the last few years in Kenya, words and phrases such as ‘the culture of impunity’, ‘corruption’, ‘warlords’ ‘school violence’ ‘greed’ and ‘tribalism’ have become part of our common lexicon, betraying the things that we should value the most. The question is: how have things always been?" (Charles Otieno-Hongo)

· Editorial - Charles Otieno-Hongo
· Traditional African leadership institutions - Betty Wamalwa Muragori
· Can African traditional values be revived? Interview with Rev. Dr. John Gatu - Njeri Kang’ethe
· Performing the self - Chamo Nyadhi - Oby Obyerodhyambo
· A rose by any other name - Shilpa Jain
· Africa and the challenges of development – is religion a help or a hindrance? - Pete Henriot
· Violence in Kenyan schools – is it a question of values? - Isaac Ochieng
· From traditional values to African modern values? - Sally Ireri
· Male circumcision – are we cutting a piece of culture? - Dipesh Pabari
· Are African extended families a blessing or a curse today? - Nicholas Rabach.
· POETRY CORNER - Annetta Miller
· YOUTH SHOUT – Arise from complacent slumber - Christine Mungai.
· BOOK REVIEW – Uwem Akpan: Say you’re one of them - Muthoni Garland
· MAKING A DIFFERENCE – Islamic banking - Cathy Majtenyi

Available at all major book stores in Nairobi or contact: wakurayag (at) yahoo (dot) com

Friday, December 5, 2008

Massboycott:10th - 12th December 2008!

Dear Comrades,

The grand coalition leadership is in self destructive mode. They are presiding over all the conditions that caused the French revolution: detached and insensitive leadership; majority malnutrition and starvation; high national debt; inequitable taxation; consumerism among the ruling elite and high unemployment among other citizens. The symbol of the French revolution was "bread" (so close to our "unga") and the uprising swelled over time.

As early as April 2008 Bunge la Mwananchi started the campaign to urge the government to check the increase in essential food items such as unga. As in the unprecedented French revolution before them where there was a notable mass uprising reaction that featured women marching on Versailles, Kibera women also recently defiantly sung: "tunataka bei ya unga iteremke" as Raila's mercedez motorcade passed by.

Fellow Kenyans, we have an opportunity to be make history. WE WANT CHANGE BUT THROUGH NON-VIOLENCE:

1. Start mobilizing your friends and networks today;
2. On 10th ( World Human Rights Day) meet and organize yourselves as part of the Direct Action squad;
3. Write a letter to the editor expressing your opinion on current issues;
4. Send a text message to your member of parliament ( access phone numbers at demanding to know when s/he is paying tax
5. On 11th let us walk to work to dramatize our demand that unga, petrol and kerosene should be reduced to 30/-, 65/- and 40/- respectively, send a text message to your member of parliament to express your dissatisfaction with the current status, avoid any fuel product; and
6. on 12th December (Jamhuri Day) join other Kenyans at the venues scheduled for public celebration especially Nyayo Stadium and use your mouth to petition your leaders to reduce further the prices of unga, kerosene and petrol.

Kenya National Civil Society Congress through Bunge la Mwananchi and Name and Shame Corrupt Networks (NASCON) have put in place safetynets such as lawyers, etc just in case.

This is your practical chance to be part of activities towards change as we mobilize and organize ourselves into direct and peaceful action to demand responsive leadership.

You can also download pamphlets for distribution the Partnership for Change campaign site by clicking HERE!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Enough is Enough!

The MARS Group have been working relentlessy to bring out the buried facts of corruption, greed, theft - not that we need any more convincing that Kenya has been hijacked by a thieves. Click on the image below to watch the documentaries and promos. Spread the word and write to MARS Group if you would like a copy of all the videos. Help get them out to your neighbourhood...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Not your ordinary Councillor...

They exist!! People with power who actually care!! The Sunday Nation features "Councillor Rahim Dawood of Commercial Ward has been donating his monthly salary to people chosen by the electorate since he won a council seat in last year’s general elections."

Click on image below to read full story.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where your taxes go....just say NO!

Pressure is mounting on MPs to pay taxes but that's simply not enough. The bottomline is the government is using our hard earned cash and the VAT we pay on just about everything to pay for big salaries, flashy cars, fuel, allowances and luxury trips mostly for politicians and a few top civil servants. Read the facts and take control of your life...

The MARS Group and KENGO have launched a Partnership for Change Campaign. Click on the image below to understand more about where your money goes...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No taxes for MPs; No taxes for us!

A message from Bunge La Mwananchi

Congratulations to you Hon. Johnstone Muthama for answering the call of joining the taxpayers army; you are now a member of the Club of Citizens with honor!

We pay taxes to raise money for the government to build schools, roads and hospitals and for indirect functions like justice and redistribution of wealth from the richer to the poorer, thereby checking inequalities in the economy. This is a patriotic act all of us, including our Members of Parliament should be proud of. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)'s motto is, "kulipa ushuru ni kujitegemea" (to pay taxes builds self reliance).

Could it be that our lawmakers are against building of roads, schools and hospitals; against the Constituency Development Fund, and rural electrification, against redistribution of wealth; against a just society; and worst of all, against our country's independence?

How else do we explain a Member of Parliament with total income of KES 1,000,000 plus expecting an ordinary worker who earns a paltry KES 15,000 to foot the bills of constructing roads on which they drive their fuel guzzlers? How do we explain these totally different income brackets benefiting from the same services that the lower bracket solely pays for?

While we do not yet have a fresh list of Members of Parliament who are on camera against paying taxes on their salaries and allowances, as of the month of June/July 2008 the following are the names of legislators who ferociously fought against paying taxes: Peter Keneth - Gatanga, MP; George Nyamweya - Nominated MP; Boni Khalwale - Ikolomani, MP; Danson Mungatana - Garsen, MP; Soita Shitanda - Malava, MP; Ali Hassan Joho - Hamisi, MP; Charles Keter - Belgut, MP; David Koech-; Fred Kapondi - Mt. Elgon, MP; Charles Kilonzo - Yatta, MP; Sammy Mwaita - Baringo Central, MP; Ephraim Maina - Mathira, MP.

To my fellow countrymen and women, we must keep up the pressure; resist representation without taxation. Our clarion call for this war is: "No taxes for MPs; No taxes for us!"

George Nyongesa
Bunge la Mwananchi

(Bunge la Mwananchi is a countrywide grass root social movement and a member of Kenya National Civil Society Congres)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Unsung Peace Heroes

Put UNSUNG PEACE HEROES in the spotlight

"Nominate your Hero today!"

WHO IS YOUR HERO? After the general elections of December 2007 violence sparked all over Kenya. Neighbours turned on neighbours and friends became enemies. But not everyone succumbed to the madness in those dark hours.
There were people who, during moments of crisis and violence, risked their own lives to save members of other communities.
During the post election period many Kenyans reached out to neighbours or to those in camps, to give a helping hand. Youth peace initiatives, peace marches and symbolic acts have sprung up around the country to restore the damage done and create positive change.

Unsung Peace Heroes

We want to set those UNSUNG PEACE HEROES in the spotlight.
Kenyan heroes are ordinary people who did extraordinary things for their fellow citizens or their country. More then once when we talk about heroes, we talk about men. But our unknown heroes can be men or woman; they can be young or old.
Do you know a hero? Someone who organized a peace march, a peace song, gave someone shelter or stood up for members of other communities?
Do you know someone who did something extraordinary to restore peace and social cohesion? Let other people get inspired by this initiative and nominate your hero!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Revisioning Kenya

The first Revisioning Kenya symposium took place in August this year and a carefully selected group of speakers began development of these concepts. Among them were Dekha Ibrahim Abdi, winner of the alternative Nobel Peace prize; Rafique Keshavjee, who is charged with creating an entrepreneurial an inventive spirit in the Aga Khan university; youth leader George Gachara, who set up an sms distress line during the post election violence, that helped thousands of people in need of supplies; comedian turned politician John Kiarie who's Vijana Tugutuke or "Youth Arise" campaign was key to encouraging youth to vote, and Rob Burnet who discussed diffusion theory in relation to mass media and dissemination of ideas.

Click HERE to read PRESS RELEASE for launch of the second stage and click HERE for more information

Friday, November 14, 2008

No you Can't! And you...





Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Join in the fight against the culture of impunity

As concerned and caring citizens of Kenya and elsewhere, we really cannot let the politicians rubbish the Waki Report and must help to bring justice to the table. Signing a petition might not help but it will certainly add to the pressure if there are thousands that do sign.

Please add your name to the petition by clicking on HERE

Sexual Violence Survivors Await Justice Nine Months On

By Joyce Chimbi (African Women and Child Feature Service)

"The report by Waki Commission is unprecedented in many ways, in that for the first time in Kenyan history; sexual crimes have not only been acknowledged but also given the prominence that they deserve.

The report makes grave revelations regarding sexual crimes by indicating that they were “under-reported, under-investigated and insufficiently addressed.”

In addition, the report expresses serious concerns regarding the lack of interest by the police, not only to prevent sexual crimes but also to prevent them..."

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Friday, October 31, 2008




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Saturday, October 25, 2008

My kingdom for a Humvee!

Alas, as a tribute to UNEP's noble campaign urging us all to Kick the Habit, we the bloggers unite in our allegiance to the cause and I personally promise to stop using an electric alarm clock when you get your staff to take the logs our of their own asses please!

Meanwhile, less you think that nothing good has come out of your campaign UNEP, feel at ease in knowing you are a source of true inspiration for many writers and artist (merci monsieur Ed for the rhyme just on time...)

"Isn't it a bummer
when you buy yourself a hummer
and some prat puts you down on the net!
Global warming's just for fairies
the science about it undoubtedly varies
and most of its apologists are wet.
So even though I work for UNEP
I am rightly proud of my rep
as an aging but highly sexed eco czar
in a oversized gas guzzling toy of a car"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Waki: Rape Horrors by Police

"There is no greater breach of trust than knowingly taking advantage of those you have taken an oath to protect and to serve..."

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Monday, October 20, 2008

KENYATTA DAY – what’s there to celebrate?

By George Nyongesa
Bunge la Mwananchi

Fact: The Government of Kenya (GoK) will on Kenyatta Day spend on Airforce jets and State festivities over K.Shs. 300 million raised from high taxes on fuel, electricity and water; whereas thousands of Kenyans are cold in the IDP camps and millions more cannot afford even one meal a day.

Fact: The Government of Kenya (GoK) will on Kenyatta Day spend on Airforce jets and State festivities over K.Shs. 300 million raised from high taxes on fuel, electricity and water; whereas thousands of Kenyans are cold in the IDP camps and millions more cannot afford even one meal a day.

Fact: The Grand Coalition’s fat cabinet of 42, squanders K.Shs. 46.2 million per month while 5 Kenyans die per day in Turkana district, thousands eat wild berries and rats and millions of poor families are on a permanent skip-a-meal-a-day program.

Fact: Kenyans, as you sit, squirm and sweat in the hot sun (at Uhuru Park or wherever they decide to take you), or are drenched in the pouring rain, listening to their sanctimonious and lip-service speeches about "hard times", “the struggle”, and fictitious achievement or politically correct mention of it is “the time for change”; your Members of Parliament (MP), sitting in the covered dais away from the harsh elements and enjoying "the Coke side of life" will have every reason to celebrate Kenyatta Day:

1. the GoK gives your MP a tax free salary of K.Shs. 1.1 million for working 12 days a month plus lots of allowance such airtime, mileage, hardship etc;

2. your MP can from his one month salary buy Unga daily at K.Shs. 85 for 35 years whereas you can’t afford 1 packet of Unga from your wages and you don’t even know where tomorrow’s packet will come from;

3. the GoK gives your MP K.Shs. 15 million as housing scheme allowance whereas thousands of Kenyans are squatters and homeless on the streets of cities;

4. besides giving your MP a Mercedes Benz or a Prado as official car, the GoK gives your MP K.Shs. 3.3 million to buy a family car that is fuelled by your taxes, whereas, you – the taxpayer, walks to work because you cannot afford hiked Matatu fares;

5. your MP receives a life insurance cover of K.Shs. 10 million while 90% of Kenyans cannot access health care.

My fellow Kenyan:

- Are you struggling because of the high cost of basic commodities such as Unga?

- Are you struggling because you were displaced in post-election violence?

- Are you struggling because of the high cost of fuel?

- Are you struggling because of the lack of a job?

- Are you struggling because the minimum wage policy has kept your wage so low?

- Are you struggling because of poverty?

- Are you struggling because you are landless, a squatter and homeless?

If the GoK, the MPs and political class does not CARE about YOU why should you join them in Kenyatta Day celebrations?

Personally, I am not participating in the Kenyatta day celebration unless the Government of Kenya at minimum and immediately agrees to the following demands:

1. Reduce 2kg packet of Unga to K.Shs. 30/=

2. Reduce Petrol prices to K.Shs. 65/= per litre.

3. Reduce Electricity tariffs to K.Shs. 3/= per KW/h.

4. Reduce Kerosene prices to K.Shs. 35/= per litre.

5. Reduce Bread price to K.Shs. 20/= per 500mg.

6. Reduce 2kg packet of Sugar to K.Shs. 40/=

I invite you to make this statement with me!

Bunge la Mwananchi

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ballots to Bullets

Human Rights Watch Report on Organised Political Violence and Kenya's Crises of Governance:

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