Friday, October 31, 2008




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Saturday, October 25, 2008

My kingdom for a Humvee!

Alas, as a tribute to UNEP's noble campaign urging us all to Kick the Habit, we the bloggers unite in our allegiance to the cause and I personally promise to stop using an electric alarm clock when you get your staff to take the logs our of their own asses please!

Meanwhile, less you think that nothing good has come out of your campaign UNEP, feel at ease in knowing you are a source of true inspiration for many writers and artist (merci monsieur Ed for the rhyme just on time...)

"Isn't it a bummer
when you buy yourself a hummer
and some prat puts you down on the net!
Global warming's just for fairies
the science about it undoubtedly varies
and most of its apologists are wet.
So even though I work for UNEP
I am rightly proud of my rep
as an aging but highly sexed eco czar
in a oversized gas guzzling toy of a car"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Waki: Rape Horrors by Police

"There is no greater breach of trust than knowingly taking advantage of those you have taken an oath to protect and to serve..."

Click HERE to read the rest of this special edition from USAWA

Click HERE to download the full Waki Commission Report

Monday, October 20, 2008

KENYATTA DAY – what’s there to celebrate?

By George Nyongesa
Bunge la Mwananchi

Fact: The Government of Kenya (GoK) will on Kenyatta Day spend on Airforce jets and State festivities over K.Shs. 300 million raised from high taxes on fuel, electricity and water; whereas thousands of Kenyans are cold in the IDP camps and millions more cannot afford even one meal a day.

Fact: The Government of Kenya (GoK) will on Kenyatta Day spend on Airforce jets and State festivities over K.Shs. 300 million raised from high taxes on fuel, electricity and water; whereas thousands of Kenyans are cold in the IDP camps and millions more cannot afford even one meal a day.

Fact: The Grand Coalition’s fat cabinet of 42, squanders K.Shs. 46.2 million per month while 5 Kenyans die per day in Turkana district, thousands eat wild berries and rats and millions of poor families are on a permanent skip-a-meal-a-day program.

Fact: Kenyans, as you sit, squirm and sweat in the hot sun (at Uhuru Park or wherever they decide to take you), or are drenched in the pouring rain, listening to their sanctimonious and lip-service speeches about "hard times", “the struggle”, and fictitious achievement or politically correct mention of it is “the time for change”; your Members of Parliament (MP), sitting in the covered dais away from the harsh elements and enjoying "the Coke side of life" will have every reason to celebrate Kenyatta Day:

1. the GoK gives your MP a tax free salary of K.Shs. 1.1 million for working 12 days a month plus lots of allowance such airtime, mileage, hardship etc;

2. your MP can from his one month salary buy Unga daily at K.Shs. 85 for 35 years whereas you can’t afford 1 packet of Unga from your wages and you don’t even know where tomorrow’s packet will come from;

3. the GoK gives your MP K.Shs. 15 million as housing scheme allowance whereas thousands of Kenyans are squatters and homeless on the streets of cities;

4. besides giving your MP a Mercedes Benz or a Prado as official car, the GoK gives your MP K.Shs. 3.3 million to buy a family car that is fuelled by your taxes, whereas, you – the taxpayer, walks to work because you cannot afford hiked Matatu fares;

5. your MP receives a life insurance cover of K.Shs. 10 million while 90% of Kenyans cannot access health care.

My fellow Kenyan:

- Are you struggling because of the high cost of basic commodities such as Unga?

- Are you struggling because you were displaced in post-election violence?

- Are you struggling because of the high cost of fuel?

- Are you struggling because of the lack of a job?

- Are you struggling because the minimum wage policy has kept your wage so low?

- Are you struggling because of poverty?

- Are you struggling because you are landless, a squatter and homeless?

If the GoK, the MPs and political class does not CARE about YOU why should you join them in Kenyatta Day celebrations?

Personally, I am not participating in the Kenyatta day celebration unless the Government of Kenya at minimum and immediately agrees to the following demands:

1. Reduce 2kg packet of Unga to K.Shs. 30/=

2. Reduce Petrol prices to K.Shs. 65/= per litre.

3. Reduce Electricity tariffs to K.Shs. 3/= per KW/h.

4. Reduce Kerosene prices to K.Shs. 35/= per litre.

5. Reduce Bread price to K.Shs. 20/= per 500mg.

6. Reduce 2kg packet of Sugar to K.Shs. 40/=

I invite you to make this statement with me!

Bunge la Mwananchi

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ballots to Bullets

Human Rights Watch Report on Organised Political Violence and Kenya's Crises of Governance:

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Politics is about exploiting the poor

It's Blog Action day and this year bloggers around the world are you uniting in one common cause: making noise against poverty. Does it help throwing more cluster into cyberspace? I doubt it. The poor will still be poor at the end of today and the rich will be richer. Do we splash logos, banners and pictures of emaciated children across the screens because we sincerely believe it will help or because it makes going to sleep easier? What's special about today is that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are concerned for whatever reason giving a few minutes or hours in their day to something that does not have any direct impact on their lives. But the best thing about this is that there are people out there who are united in this and not being paid to be concerned. No cushy job in an air-conditioned office with an SUV parked outside while they sit in a workshop and come up with some solution to world poverty (with no conscience about the fact that they are part of the problem - yes that includes me minus the SUV).

So let us have a minute of silence for these people - not the poor ones - the rich ones...

And let us have two minutes of silence for that other lot of people that call themselves Ministers, Members of Parliament, Prime Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Diplomats and of course Presidents. Now this lot ( at least in Kenya) are a really special breed. They have mastered the art of not just making a living from poverty but getting the very poor people they represent to pay them to get even richer. Geniuses. I salute you.

So now that we have had a few minutes of silence for Patriots Paid to Protect the Planet, I would like to make a noise about the other kinds of heroes. The silent kind who don't do any of this for a living or for the feel good factor. They have been around for too long to get a kick out of any of this.

And I needn't look very far. Today I want to make a noise about two people:

Mr and Mrs Pabari.
My mother and father.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

THE ECK must GO NOW!!!!

Spontaneous thoughts from Philo Ikonya, a Concerned Kenyan Writer...

"This morning's Citizen Power Breakfast did a great thing. I got back to catch up with Mutegi Njau interviewing Riunga Raiji and Ng'eny Commissioners of ECK. Many people were already calling in but I could not get through..The callers were not amused.

For me, I thank PBreakfast for the chance to sit with a cup of tea that became more and more bitter as I listened and tried the phone. It dried up. The ECK must go. And though they quote constitutional matters and the judges having tenure and an institution already tattered being in place after they leave, Kivuitu and his team must just pack and go... It is bad enough for us to be caught up on all this at at time when CS seems unable to move and make the point persistently for the ECK to proceed to town with a PR agenda for themselves ( today's Nation too). I do not mind going down in history as irrational when I say that it is not time to quote the constitition ( it never helped us when violence broke out and Raila and others rejected the courts because we could not trust them), it is time for a radical move to change all beginning with throwing out the ECK. Before Kriegler and during Kriegler we should have had the tribunal that is supposedly to
be appointed in place also investigating ECK.

It is wrong and blatant and a la Edward Clay a real throwing up in my face to come back on the screeen with the law on the one hand and lies that Commissioners were innocent in what we saw in December. It is unbearable and unforgiveable.. it is not tenable. They must go. They must go with the bible they hastily allowed to be used by Kivuitu doing what they did on the one hand - not Bible- and the constition of Kenya ( not Constitution) that they could not use to rescue us... in the other hand. They must kick their way out of their surrendering. It is our Nation that they helped ruin and if that was the role they were to play we must be angry enough to let them know they had to play it so that we can bring in change radically. It is a matter of conscience now not of law; They just must go!

They know and said that they were appointed by one side without consultation with the other. Raila and many others cried foul then. Something must give now and change must come.

In the end if the Prime Minister cannot bring us this radical change and Kenya cannot go, then he must not promise us the change we need and soon we will have to say he too must go! And of course if Kibaki cannot and did not do anything about this commission up to now... he too must go. Kenya cannot go anywhere and it is unbwogable. Change must come to our courts, judges but so that we can just breathe... "

THE ECK Must go now!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Cry of Blood

KNCHR Latest Report on Extrajudicial Execution and Disappearances The report entitled "The Cry of Blood" is an account of alleged executions and disappearances of persons suspected to be Mungiki adherents by the Kenya Police since July 2007.