Friday, August 29, 2008

Fat Salaries for Fat Wives

This is Kenya:

  1. First Lady, Lucy Kibaki: Receives US $ 8,000 per month in allowances
  2. Mrs Pauline Kalonzo, wife of Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka: Set to receive US $ 6,000
  3. Mrs Ida Odinga, wife of Prime Minister Raila Odinga: Set to receive US $ 6,000
TOTAL: US $ 20,000 a month on allowances

Kenya nchi yetu...
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

KNCHR Report: Masterminds of the election violence

Kenya Pundit provides a link to the Africa Confidential summarising the Kenya National Commission of Human Rights Report which names some politicians and government Ministers linked to December's post-election violence. Click HERE.

Will the guilty heads roll...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wajibu Magazine - An Inconvenient Truth: The Challenge for Kenya

"The issues that we are focussing on are not unrelated to the political crisis that hit Kenya at the turn of the year. We are reminded frequently that there are unresolved issues of land. The displacement of many farming families and uncertainty over the future has reduced the acreage planted to food crops. Fertilizer application has been reduced due to the huge increase in prices. The so called “long rains” have been shorter than usual in some parts of the country. Shortage of food in the local market, together with rising prices globally, presents a serious challenge to the Government of Kenya. If Kenya is to come through this crisis, narrow interests of politicians have to be set aside and the coalition between ODM and PNU must be made to work"
(Donald Thomas, Issue Editor)

Articles include:

Interview with Dr. Richard Leakey
Environmental Crises: a Christian View (Prof Jesse Mugambi)
Mau Forest: Reflections of Sir Mohinder Dhillon
Renewable Energy in Kenya (Mark Hankins)

And much more...

can be obtained for Ksh. 100/= at the following outlets: Stanley Kiosk, Simply Books, University of Nairobi Bookshop, Catholic Bookshop, LISS library at the Rahimtulla Trust Building on Mfangano Street, Books First (Yaya Centre) and Monty's (Sarit Centre).

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The New Change-Makers: An Introduction to Digital Activism

The Berkman's own initiative for Internet & Society produced this video, which investigates the tools, strategies, and effects of digital activism while also moving towards crafting a definition of the emergent social movement.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Coming of Age

An award-winning documentary by Judy Kibinge
About the Film

This coming of age story depicts the three ages and stages of democracy as seen through the eyes of a girl growing up. The Kenyatta era, a time of great optimism and post-independence euphoria is reflected in the innocence and naivety of the young girl. As Kenya enters its next era, of dictatorship under Daniel arap Moi, the gloom of oppression and confusion is reflected by teenage turmoil and finally, all grown up, we find ourselves in Kenyas third stage of democracy under Mwai Kibaki and wondering if democracy, with all its free speech and openness can ever really come of age.

About the Director

Judy Kibinge is a writer and Director. She began her career as a copywriter in advertising, resigning as Creative Director at McCann Erickson Kenya in 1999 to pursue a career in film.
Film credits include:
The Aftermath (MNET New Directions 2002)
Dangerous Affair (Baraka Films 2002)
And Project Daddy (Baraka Films 2004)
She has directed numerous documentaries, such as A Voice In The Dark (The Story of a Whistleblower) in 2005 and Bless This Land in 2005, a countrywide exploration of Kenya's land policy issues for the Kenya Human Rights Commission as well as numerous advertisements for television.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Police Violence: Direct Action Campaign

From Kenya Peace, Truth and Justice (KPTJ)

Kenyan Civil Society calls on the global progressive community to join its
struggle against police brutality. See details in statement below, issued by
the International Center for Transitional Justice.


1) Send a text message TODAY, to Kenya's President and Prime Minister. Use
the one below, or craft your own.

"Mr. Kibaki / Mr. Odinga - we hold u accountable 4 police violence n sexual
assault against Ann Njogu n other civil society activists. Act NOW
2 uphold human rights 4 all Kenyans!"

To President Mwai Kibaki (via his spokesperson, Alfred Mutua):
Cellphone number + 254 721 240 443

To Prime Minister Raila Odinga
Cellphone + 254 733 620 736

2) Send an email to Prime Minister Raila Odinga

No email contact is available for President Mwai Kibaki or his office.

Suggested Message:

Forward the press statement from ICTJ below, with the opening line:

"Mr Odinga, I urge you to act immediately and decisively to address police
violence and sexual assault on Kenyan civil society activists. Please see
the statement below from the International Center for Transitional Justice."

Signed: Name, Organization / Affiliation (if any), City, Country

3) If you are a Kenyan repeat steps 1) and 2) with your own MP and other
parliamentarians. Look up their contact details on the link below:

4) If you live outside Kenya, repeat steps 1) and 2), directing the texts
and emails to the Kenyan Ambassador or High Commissioner in your country.
Look up their contact details on the link below.

5) If you are a foreign national living in Kenya, repeat steps 1) and 2)
with the Ambassador or High Commissioner of your country in Kenya. Look up
their contact details on the link below:

Thank you for contributing to a just and peaceful democracy in Kenya!

Muthonimusic - Cool Waters

Click HERE to visit Muthoni's YouTube site

Saturday, August 2, 2008

From a Whisper

A Film by Wanuri Kahiu based on real events surrounding the US Embassy bombing in Kenya - August 7, 1998.