Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where your taxes go....just say NO!

Pressure is mounting on MPs to pay taxes but that's simply not enough. The bottomline is the government is using our hard earned cash and the VAT we pay on just about everything to pay for big salaries, flashy cars, fuel, allowances and luxury trips mostly for politicians and a few top civil servants. Read the facts and take control of your life...

The MARS Group and KENGO have launched a Partnership for Change Campaign. Click on the image below to understand more about where your money goes...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No taxes for MPs; No taxes for us!

A message from Bunge La Mwananchi

Congratulations to you Hon. Johnstone Muthama for answering the call of joining the taxpayers army; you are now a member of the Club of Citizens with honor!

We pay taxes to raise money for the government to build schools, roads and hospitals and for indirect functions like justice and redistribution of wealth from the richer to the poorer, thereby checking inequalities in the economy. This is a patriotic act all of us, including our Members of Parliament should be proud of. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)'s motto is, "kulipa ushuru ni kujitegemea" (to pay taxes builds self reliance).

Could it be that our lawmakers are against building of roads, schools and hospitals; against the Constituency Development Fund, and rural electrification, against redistribution of wealth; against a just society; and worst of all, against our country's independence?

How else do we explain a Member of Parliament with total income of KES 1,000,000 plus expecting an ordinary worker who earns a paltry KES 15,000 to foot the bills of constructing roads on which they drive their fuel guzzlers? How do we explain these totally different income brackets benefiting from the same services that the lower bracket solely pays for?

While we do not yet have a fresh list of Members of Parliament who are on camera against paying taxes on their salaries and allowances, as of the month of June/July 2008 the following are the names of legislators who ferociously fought against paying taxes: Peter Keneth - Gatanga, MP; George Nyamweya - Nominated MP; Boni Khalwale - Ikolomani, MP; Danson Mungatana - Garsen, MP; Soita Shitanda - Malava, MP; Ali Hassan Joho - Hamisi, MP; Charles Keter - Belgut, MP; David Koech-; Fred Kapondi - Mt. Elgon, MP; Charles Kilonzo - Yatta, MP; Sammy Mwaita - Baringo Central, MP; Ephraim Maina - Mathira, MP.

To my fellow countrymen and women, we must keep up the pressure; resist representation without taxation. Our clarion call for this war is: "No taxes for MPs; No taxes for us!"

George Nyongesa
Bunge la Mwananchi

(Bunge la Mwananchi is a countrywide grass root social movement and a member of Kenya National Civil Society Congres)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Unsung Peace Heroes

Put UNSUNG PEACE HEROES in the spotlight

"Nominate your Hero today!"

WHO IS YOUR HERO? After the general elections of December 2007 violence sparked all over Kenya. Neighbours turned on neighbours and friends became enemies. But not everyone succumbed to the madness in those dark hours.
There were people who, during moments of crisis and violence, risked their own lives to save members of other communities.
During the post election period many Kenyans reached out to neighbours or to those in camps, to give a helping hand. Youth peace initiatives, peace marches and symbolic acts have sprung up around the country to restore the damage done and create positive change.

Unsung Peace Heroes

We want to set those UNSUNG PEACE HEROES in the spotlight.
Kenyan heroes are ordinary people who did extraordinary things for their fellow citizens or their country. More then once when we talk about heroes, we talk about men. But our unknown heroes can be men or woman; they can be young or old.
Do you know a hero? Someone who organized a peace march, a peace song, gave someone shelter or stood up for members of other communities?
Do you know someone who did something extraordinary to restore peace and social cohesion? Let other people get inspired by this initiative and nominate your hero!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Revisioning Kenya

The first Revisioning Kenya symposium took place in August this year and a carefully selected group of speakers began development of these concepts. Among them were Dekha Ibrahim Abdi, winner of the alternative Nobel Peace prize; Rafique Keshavjee, who is charged with creating an entrepreneurial an inventive spirit in the Aga Khan university; youth leader George Gachara, who set up an sms distress line during the post election violence, that helped thousands of people in need of supplies; comedian turned politician John Kiarie who's Vijana Tugutuke or "Youth Arise" campaign was key to encouraging youth to vote, and Rob Burnet who discussed diffusion theory in relation to mass media and dissemination of ideas.

Click HERE to read PRESS RELEASE for launch of the second stage and click HERE for more information

Friday, November 14, 2008

No you Can't! And you...





Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Join in the fight against the culture of impunity

As concerned and caring citizens of Kenya and elsewhere, we really cannot let the politicians rubbish the Waki Report and must help to bring justice to the table. Signing a petition might not help but it will certainly add to the pressure if there are thousands that do sign.

Please add your name to the petition by clicking on HERE

Sexual Violence Survivors Await Justice Nine Months On

By Joyce Chimbi (African Women and Child Feature Service)

"The report by Waki Commission is unprecedented in many ways, in that for the first time in Kenyan history; sexual crimes have not only been acknowledged but also given the prominence that they deserve.

The report makes grave revelations regarding sexual crimes by indicating that they were “under-reported, under-investigated and insufficiently addressed.”

In addition, the report expresses serious concerns regarding the lack of interest by the police, not only to prevent sexual crimes but also to prevent them..."

Click HERE to read the rest of this article.

Click on image to visit their website