Saturday, December 13, 2008

URGENT: appeal for release of Mwalimu Mati and others

From members of Kenya for Peace, Truth and Justice:

As you know, many were detained yesterday following attempts to peacefully protest during Jamhouri Day celebrations.

Most of those detained have since been released.


1. Mwalimu Mati of the Media Analysis and Research Services (MARS) Group and his wife Jane remain in custody at Langata Police Station Nairobi...they have not yet been charged (at which point they could apply for bail) more than 24 hours after their detention...we are deeply concerned that the intent is to hold them for no apparent purpose up to the maximum of 48 hours.

2. Fred Odhiambo of Bunge la Wananchi was just brought to Langata Police Station from Nyayo Stadium, where he'd been detained overnight. He has been badly beaten and has just been moved to Nairobi Women's Hospital for treatment, still in detention.

3. Four colleagues in Garissa remain in detention for simply trying to present the Provincial Commissioner with a memorandum.


1. Use any influence you have in government to demand all's unconditional release...the rights to the freedoms of assembly and expression have been violated by their continued detention;
2. Focus attention on the Commissioner of Police, where the directive for their contined detention seems to be coming from;
3. Focus attention on the President and Prime Minister for having utterly failed to demonstrate enlightened leadership during yesterday's events;
4. Ensure this sad story gets to the media, here and elsewhere as well as to any and all diplomatic contacts we have.

Click HERE to read the full statement from the Partnership for Change

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