Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sukuma year later

It all began about one year ago when things fell apart. This blog was created to raise social capital to help people whose lives were totally annihilated by Kenya politicians. It's a story that has been told a 1001 times.
Whilst the blog has evolved into a ground for voicing the frustrations of the mass from its original purpose of fundraising and reporting, Ladies In Action run by my folks and a few others in Kisumu has continued to do what needs to be done: building schools, wells, paying school fees, helping orphans and the countless destitutes that the Kenyan government has created.
One year later, I don't think we have made any progress as a country. The blood that was spilled in the name of democracy has left no stains on the conscience of those that it was spilled for. The last couple of weeks have truly revealed the stench of evil that masquerades as politics.
So Sukuma Kenya continues to scream and Ladies In Action continues to give hope. We are just glad that we can help in giving hope once in a while because screaming all year has done nothing more than left us with sore throats. A while ago, we came up with an idea to buy Kenyan books for Kenyan children and as always the Klara Foundation has stood by us and supported the necessary funds to back goodwill and giving to the less fortunate. Thanks do a donation of 2000 euros, we were able to purchase a bunch of school text books as well as handful of publications from Sasa Sema/Longhorn, Wajibu and Philo Ikonya's little inspirational treat based on young Obama
Ladies In Action gave out the first parcel of books to Arise and Sunshine Orphanage and will be giving out several parcels to schools and orphanages after the school holidays. Children will be given their own copies of various story books and the schools will be given a variety of books.
Tu endelea kusukuma nchi yetu, Kenya...


Colleen said...

Congratulations to both Sukuma Kenya and the Ladies in Action as you both have created hope and inspiration and have had quite a year.

I know you are leaving 2008 with despair in your heart over the last two week events but your movement building will not be in vain. No good acts ever are.

Meanwhile, the secret to life, according to a character in one of my favourite books, A Fine Balance, by Rohinton Mistry, is "to maintain a fine balance between hope and despair."
We're all here together muddling through and working together and that's huge.

bankelele said...

congratulations on your anniversary. keep it going

Sukuma Kenya said...

Colleen: thanks for your kind words and support since we met eachother online. Those little connections around the world are the hope we hold on to....
Thanks Bankelele...Pamoja