Sunday, December 14, 2008

Updates on a government scared of tshirts...

Via Bunge La Mwananchi:

Police bar civil society and media from visiting Frederick Odhiambo:

By way of update - when a number of Bunge la Mwananchi members, accompanied by the press, attempted to visit Frederick Odhiambo earlier this morning at the Nairobi Women's Hospital, we were barred from seeing him by the police who are guarding him. As I write, we have still not been able to see Odhiambo. This is an apt example of the rampant government heavy handedness that Kenyans have had enough of.
The policemen guarding him have informed us that they are under strict instructions not to allow anyone, especially the press, to visit him. We have further been told that we must have permission from "the police officer", although they will not clearly say who this police officer is.
We are still making attempts to get in and see him and once we are successful, I will update you on how he is faring.
Thank you all for your continued support as Kenyans continue to join in solidarity in fighting against high food and basic commodity prices, high fuel prices, the MPs resistance to pay tax and the general culture of impunity of the political elite, including attempting to muzzle the freedom of information through the Media Bill.

Latest update: Mwalimu and Mrs Mati released from Langata police station:

Thanks to people power, Mwalimu Mati and his wife have just been released from the Langata police station. They have been released pending investigations since the police did not have adequate evidence to charge them with incitement. Thank you for everyone who lobbied for and kept vigil until their release.
In the meantime, we have still not been able to visit Frederick Odhiambo who is under tight secuity at the Nairobi Women's Hospital where he was admitted yesterday following police brutality inflicted upon him at the time of his arrest. I urge you to continue lobbying with Bunge la Mwananchi for access to and subsequently the immediate release of Mr Odhiambo from police custody.
Kenyans have been empowered to recognise their rights and freedoms of conscience, thought and information. We shall not be cowered by police heavy handedness and brutality and will not let up until we have the Kenya that Kenyans want. Let us remain bold to condemn any segregation of Kenyans by the political elite. Let us remain resolute to fight impunity. Let us keep up the people power that we have had all along and must exercise for ours and our children's welfare.
In solidarity,

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