Tuesday, December 9, 2008

WAJIBU MAGAZINE: Values for a planet in turmoil

"In this issue of WAJIBU, we seek to interrogate how our values have changed with time; we examine where our traditional values meet with what can be referred to as modern universal values. And never before has there been such an opportune time to reflect on these matters. This year Kenyans witnessed unprecedented inter-community violence following the 2007 presidential election fiasco; we also observed a level of violence in our schools never before seen in our country. And currently the world is facing what might turn out to be its biggest economic meltdown ever. Across from our continent, a country that has for years been a symbol of racial discrimination has elected a man from a minority racial group as its president. In the last few years in Kenya, words and phrases such as ‘the culture of impunity’, ‘corruption’, ‘warlords’ ‘school violence’ ‘greed’ and ‘tribalism’ have become part of our common lexicon, betraying the things that we should value the most. The question is: how have things always been?" (Charles Otieno-Hongo)

· Editorial - Charles Otieno-Hongo
· Traditional African leadership institutions - Betty Wamalwa Muragori
· Can African traditional values be revived? Interview with Rev. Dr. John Gatu - Njeri Kang’ethe
· Performing the self - Chamo Nyadhi - Oby Obyerodhyambo
· A rose by any other name - Shilpa Jain
· Africa and the challenges of development – is religion a help or a hindrance? - Pete Henriot
· Violence in Kenyan schools – is it a question of values? - Isaac Ochieng
· From traditional values to African modern values? - Sally Ireri
· Male circumcision – are we cutting a piece of culture? - Dipesh Pabari
· Are African extended families a blessing or a curse today? - Nicholas Rabach.
· POETRY CORNER - Annetta Miller
· YOUTH SHOUT – Arise from complacent slumber - Christine Mungai.
· BOOK REVIEW – Uwem Akpan: Say you’re one of them - Muthoni Garland
· MAKING A DIFFERENCE – Islamic banking - Cathy Majtenyi

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paula said...

Hi Dipesh, have you seen this ... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7766987.stm

paula said...

I created a petition to stop bull fighting. I will take it to the minister! please help us circulate it