Friday, December 5, 2008

Massboycott:10th - 12th December 2008!

Dear Comrades,

The grand coalition leadership is in self destructive mode. They are presiding over all the conditions that caused the French revolution: detached and insensitive leadership; majority malnutrition and starvation; high national debt; inequitable taxation; consumerism among the ruling elite and high unemployment among other citizens. The symbol of the French revolution was "bread" (so close to our "unga") and the uprising swelled over time.

As early as April 2008 Bunge la Mwananchi started the campaign to urge the government to check the increase in essential food items such as unga. As in the unprecedented French revolution before them where there was a notable mass uprising reaction that featured women marching on Versailles, Kibera women also recently defiantly sung: "tunataka bei ya unga iteremke" as Raila's mercedez motorcade passed by.

Fellow Kenyans, we have an opportunity to be make history. WE WANT CHANGE BUT THROUGH NON-VIOLENCE:

1. Start mobilizing your friends and networks today;
2. On 10th ( World Human Rights Day) meet and organize yourselves as part of the Direct Action squad;
3. Write a letter to the editor expressing your opinion on current issues;
4. Send a text message to your member of parliament ( access phone numbers at demanding to know when s/he is paying tax
5. On 11th let us walk to work to dramatize our demand that unga, petrol and kerosene should be reduced to 30/-, 65/- and 40/- respectively, send a text message to your member of parliament to express your dissatisfaction with the current status, avoid any fuel product; and
6. on 12th December (Jamhuri Day) join other Kenyans at the venues scheduled for public celebration especially Nyayo Stadium and use your mouth to petition your leaders to reduce further the prices of unga, kerosene and petrol.

Kenya National Civil Society Congress through Bunge la Mwananchi and Name and Shame Corrupt Networks (NASCON) have put in place safetynets such as lawyers, etc just in case.

This is your practical chance to be part of activities towards change as we mobilize and organize ourselves into direct and peaceful action to demand responsive leadership.

You can also download pamphlets for distribution the Partnership for Change campaign site by clicking HERE!



nairobichronicle said...

This is the kind of action we need in Kenya. A warning though: please let us not bash the private sector, that is, oil companies, millers, etc. If it wasn't for private business, this country would have collapsed long ago. Most of them are making very little margins, nothing close to 5/= let alone 20/=.

The problem lies with the government and its policies of exclusion, corruption and favoritism. People have been asking, how come there are no shortages of barley or pineapples? Because these sectors are 100% market driven with no government appointed intermediaries.

Let us put the blame where it rightly belongs.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it would be usefull also to come up with practical suggestions to the politicians on how to reduce the price of Unga. I have a feeling the politicians would really love to do something but they are clueless. If they cant think, let think for them, issues of food are too important to be left to politicians alone.

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