Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grassroots calling for Resource Persons

From Bunge La Mwananchi

Dear Kenyans and friends of Kenya,

We are looking for patriotic Kenyans who are thoroughly informed on how to link community localised issues to the national policies; are dynamic on national agendas, and are available to volunteer their time to serve as Resource Persons during the upcoming Kibera Wananchi Congress, (herein referred to as the congress). The congress will bring together 1,600 grassroots leaders (drawn all wards in Langata constituency, the 13 villages that form Kibera slums, the diverse ethnic groups, the churches and mosques, active CBOs and NGOs, soccer groups, women and youth groups etc) is scheduled to take place at St. Jude’s Catholic Church near Katwekera area on 23rd and 24th November 2009. The congress dialogues are designed to allow the participants to articulate their understanding on the topic of discussion and their suggestion for wayforward. The moderator/Resource person helps focus the participants and concretize resolutions. We are looking for Resource Person to facilitate tent/group discussions on the following thematic areas:

1. Education and Training

2. National agendas, Governance challenges and Citizens responsibility

3. Impoverishment, Food Security and Opportunity for Wealth creation

4. Land problem, housing and slum upgrading

5. Politics, Conflicts and Peace Building

6. Health, Sanitation and

7. Insecurity and Community Policing

8. Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

9. Sports, Sports opportunities and Sports Infrastructure

10. Gender based challenges

The congress is aimed at empowering and strengthening the capacities of Kibera Citizens in rights awareness, policy analysis, advocacy and networking through a 2-day dialogue activity. At the end of the congress, the grassroots leaders shall outline and adopt resolutions from their dialogues. The resolutions shall be compiled into Kibera People’s Manifesto for change. Similar people’s congress are scheduled to be held in identified constituencies in Central, Coast, Nyanza, Rift Valley and Western regions and then culminate with a National People’s Congress.

If you are available to serve as Resource Person on the said dates, please contact us before 19th November 2009 on this email: or tel: 0720 451 235.

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