Friday, October 16, 2009

So UNEP, did you Kick The Habit (Just for today)?

Ok, so I am one day late for Blog Action Day which was all about taking action against Climate Change. There was a lot of noise in the blogosphere and even that chap Gordon Brown had something to blog about

Global Voices reports that there were more than 9000 bloggers who devoted a post to Climate Change. I am wondering what our friends at the UNEP Headquarters were up to yesterday. Do you think they Kicked the Habit for just one day? Wonder what sort of car they drove to work in. Did it look like this?

Or was it one of these ones?

Dear friends at UNEP, Just For Today, did you manage to get the log out of your ass?


KenyaChristian said...

I'm of the opinion UNEP should just be closed. I live in the area and its obvious most of these guys are here just to collect good salaries. Kudos on calling them out on their hypocrisy...

richyboy said...

UNEP is doing nothing to curb the climate change ,it sits everytime to discuss on the possible ways of halving down the cuases of climate change.contrary to that they are using fuel guzzlers they do not practice what they preach.It is time to face them head on to stop there hypocricy .