Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sukuma Kisumu - Where we are

On 27th December 2007, the Election Council of Kenya announced the results of the presidential elections. The story that followed is one that has been told from 1001 fingers, mouths and eyes. There was little we could do besides watch in fear as the wrath of poverty spilled across the country. The violence subsided and hundreds of thousands across the country squatted in displacement mourning the loss of friends and relatives, homes and shambas.
Tis' the goodwill of the common that helped. Sukuma Kenya was one such example that was initially created as a space for people with links to Kisumu to help do what they can. In just over one month after putting out an appeal for funds, £9168 was raised. Ladies In Action set out to help as many people as possible through basic food provisions, transport away from ethnic persecution, distribution of basic necessities and assisting people getting on their feet again.
Thanks to the Susan Deans who founded the Kisumu Orphans Education Fund, we were able to set up a paypal account to receive the donations from all our friends and friends of friends. It never ceases to touch my soul when I think about the fact that hundreds of people donated.
Unfortunately, we had a few hiccups with transferring the cash to the account in Kisumu and Ladies In Action were often forced to use funds from other sources. We have just managed to confirm that all the funds are no accessible and after balancing the books, there is still £3712 left from the Sukuma appeal fund which will be used for more long term sustainable small projects. With so many people affected in the Kisumu region and the ever rising cost of food, Ladies In Action will do what they can to help provide food security through helping people farm land in a more productive and environmentally friendly manner. It is a drop in the ocean but we all know that is all we can do. A break down of funds below:
Those of you who have been following this blog would have noticed that Sukuma Kenya has changed tack. We are angry. The politicians got away with murder. Their hands are covered in blood. It is that simple. Posts on this blog will back up that statement as will the obvious. Kenya is poorer than it ever was and all we have to show for a free and fair election is a bloated cabinet that is going to cost Kenyans an additional US $4.6 billion.
What more is there to say. The facts are at your fingertips. So my last appeal to everyone who has been with us is to show our self-imposed government that you are disappointed to. I don't know what else to do but I figure if we all sign the petition (Click here) and we manage to get 10,000 signatures to say that we think that MPs are paid far too much and have ample resources, especially land, we could start to solve some of our problems and they could actually do something to help. Okay, so there is a slim chance that it is going to change much but in the current circumstances, I don't know how else we can express our frustration pragmatically.
So, hey watch the video in the post below from Amnesty International, sign the petition if you want to, and most importantly don't lose hope in us Kenyans. And for all my fellow Kenyans, we must never stop fighting for equality for all.

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