Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who is more foolis than who?

Dear Mr/s Member of Parliament,

I must say, initially I thought you were the fool with all that hulabaloo about wanting to legally bring in the Artur brothers (any idea where those dudes are by the way?) and ransack media houses and give the policeman another opportunity to extort money from me because my phone ring is set to "Kenya inchi yetu, iko matata" and not the originial Nokia phonetune. Alas, how foolis of me to think that you are more foolis than me and my fellow Kenyans!

Clearly you have studied your enemy very well. Clearly you have understood that us constituents are just like warthogs: very forgetful.

Just recently we all got upset because you don't want to pay taxes and spent lots of money printing tshirts and all we got was a cannister of teargas in our faces for those lousy tshirts.

Then of course we got all excited that you were going to book yourselves into Kamiti because you did not want to spend good hard earned cash flying first class to the Hague. But as true patriots, you have chosen to spend all our money on the local economy at our local courts.

And there are those other things I can vaguely remember like Anglofleecing, Goldenwhachamacallit, Grand Regency. In fact you even gave us the opportunity to remember all these wonderful stories by inviting some of your friends to Jamhuri park but we were all too distracted by that chap who wanted to give you a letter that we did not rise to your hint and look behind your back at who is sitting there.

But when you craftily cooked up that media choma thing and then we all forgot how much money you owe us and started screaming about the right to have our own phone tunes and not to get thumped by strange looking men from Eastern Europe. And now we are thanking you for reconsidering and everyone gets to go back to Parliament and spend more of our money talking about things they have not even read.

You are right: we are more foolis than you...


Lumi said...

I could not have put it better myself. I was indeed dismayed to see some guys thanking Kibaki for asking the AG and Poghisio to look at contentious clauses...who does this guy think we are, fools...but wait a moment, judging from some of the praises i have seen coming his way and the fact that stuff like MPs paying their taxes are now taking a back seat, I guess maybe we are indeed the fools

Sukuma Kenya said...

Fools will be governed by fools. What more is there to say? We are getting what we deserve. Unfortunately, the poor and voiceless who don't deserve this are the only victims in all this