Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dying of thirst? Drink tusker!!

And the winner of this year's Tusker Project Fame is...

Mama Maskini!!!

For singing the song of starvation throughout your entire life!!

(Post Mortem: Tusker's Regional Manager announced yesterday that they are going to spend Ksh 300, 000,000/= on Project Fame. In the same 9pm news on Citizen TV, we were told that 3 children had died of starvation, 500,000 more facing immediate starvation and Red Cross says it's just the beginning...)


Screamer said...

It hurts, it hurts so bad. Even though I appreciate that people should not stop living just because others are dying. Some things are hard to explain, and others are beyond our control.

It just makes me sick how things are so imbalanced. It just doesn't make sense sometimes. But what can you and me do about it?

Nairobi, Coming of Age said...

This is the real Kenya, unedited and uncut. We are a selfseeking and an hypocritical lot.