Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If they don't have unga, let them eat..

Dear Mr/s. Member of Parliament,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I know it might be still too soon since you came back from your much deserved break but a couple of million constituents (you know those silly people who voted for you) are mumbling and grumbling again about how hungry they are.

And of course the media has to make a fuss about it. I think since you managed to put a sock in the media's mouth, they must have really little to talk about so they are filling in the pages with stories about those starving watu of yours.

So now that you have spent the festive season filling your bellies with booze and meat, perhaps you really need to put one of your dirty sock's in the media's mouth once and for all. I mean, such stories are a disgrace. What will all those tourists think when they are laying by the poolside drinking pina coladas and they see such garbage on our papers. And what of all the donors attending workshops at the Grand Regency? How do you think people are going to be able to focus on all those important meetings about...um...you know about like saving Africa and stuff?

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Caroline said...

"If you can't feed one hundred people then feed one" Mother Teresa
Why not launching a campaign/action for each Nairobian or Kenyan sponsoring food for another Kenyan currently starving until the Government takes proper sustainable action?...
Campaign catch phrase could be:
"If my Government can't fulfil its duty related to the article 25 of the UDHR it has duly signed, then I have to fulfil mine. As a Kenyan I won't watch stone-faced my people die! 2 millions helping hands needed: YES WE CAN!"
I would definitely be part of it Kenyan or not!
Caroline (Nairobi)