Saturday, October 25, 2008

My kingdom for a Humvee!

Alas, as a tribute to UNEP's noble campaign urging us all to Kick the Habit, we the bloggers unite in our allegiance to the cause and I personally promise to stop using an electric alarm clock when you get your staff to take the logs our of their own asses please!

Meanwhile, less you think that nothing good has come out of your campaign UNEP, feel at ease in knowing you are a source of true inspiration for many writers and artist (merci monsieur Ed for the rhyme just on time...)

"Isn't it a bummer
when you buy yourself a hummer
and some prat puts you down on the net!
Global warming's just for fairies
the science about it undoubtedly varies
and most of its apologists are wet.
So even though I work for UNEP
I am rightly proud of my rep
as an aging but highly sexed eco czar
in a oversized gas guzzling toy of a car"


Andrea Bohnstedt said...

Excellent. Where did you find this? I think I've seen the car in my neighbourhood repeatedly and always found the combination of a hummer (red, on top of everything) and the UN number plate incongruous, to say the least.

Colleen said...

And do world citizens' tax dollars pay for these vehicles?
These people should have to take public transit or better yet bike to get around town.
Thanks for keeping at them!

Sukuma Kenya said...

I just hope that one day they will wake up to realise how shameful they are. The UN has to have its own internal policies. The staff at the UN are a disgrace. Driving cars like this show that they really don't care about what they do - it's just a good paid expatriate job.

Anonymous said...

And I just found you another one, at Ngong Hills this Sunday. Posted here: