Thursday, October 9, 2008

THE ECK must GO NOW!!!!

Spontaneous thoughts from Philo Ikonya, a Concerned Kenyan Writer...

"This morning's Citizen Power Breakfast did a great thing. I got back to catch up with Mutegi Njau interviewing Riunga Raiji and Ng'eny Commissioners of ECK. Many people were already calling in but I could not get through..The callers were not amused.

For me, I thank PBreakfast for the chance to sit with a cup of tea that became more and more bitter as I listened and tried the phone. It dried up. The ECK must go. And though they quote constitutional matters and the judges having tenure and an institution already tattered being in place after they leave, Kivuitu and his team must just pack and go... It is bad enough for us to be caught up on all this at at time when CS seems unable to move and make the point persistently for the ECK to proceed to town with a PR agenda for themselves ( today's Nation too). I do not mind going down in history as irrational when I say that it is not time to quote the constitition ( it never helped us when violence broke out and Raila and others rejected the courts because we could not trust them), it is time for a radical move to change all beginning with throwing out the ECK. Before Kriegler and during Kriegler we should have had the tribunal that is supposedly to
be appointed in place also investigating ECK.

It is wrong and blatant and a la Edward Clay a real throwing up in my face to come back on the screeen with the law on the one hand and lies that Commissioners were innocent in what we saw in December. It is unbearable and unforgiveable.. it is not tenable. They must go. They must go with the bible they hastily allowed to be used by Kivuitu doing what they did on the one hand - not Bible- and the constition of Kenya ( not Constitution) that they could not use to rescue us... in the other hand. They must kick their way out of their surrendering. It is our Nation that they helped ruin and if that was the role they were to play we must be angry enough to let them know they had to play it so that we can bring in change radically. It is a matter of conscience now not of law; They just must go!

They know and said that they were appointed by one side without consultation with the other. Raila and many others cried foul then. Something must give now and change must come.

In the end if the Prime Minister cannot bring us this radical change and Kenya cannot go, then he must not promise us the change we need and soon we will have to say he too must go! And of course if Kibaki cannot and did not do anything about this commission up to now... he too must go. Kenya cannot go anywhere and it is unbwogable. Change must come to our courts, judges but so that we can just breathe... "

THE ECK Must go now!!!

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