Friday, May 22, 2009

kwani, what has happened to Kwani??

I am ashamed...ashamed of being Kenya...again.

No, not again: I am continuously ashamed of being Kenyan. I don't mind or care anymore if there are other countries whose citizens have higher degrees of shame. That is far too much of a burden for me to care or carry anymore.

I even feel guilty when I eat my meal. Why? Because even the smallest pleasures in life have been darkened by what our intellectuals have officially coined, "a culture of impunity." Those simple pleasures of life like a cup of "chai" and "eating" are now and forever bequeathed to that culture of impunity. Whilst the policeman demands "chai" from me, our politicians of today have decided it is their turn to eat.

A fellow Kenyan wrote this morning asking, "is it the Kenyan condition? Are we hardwired this way?" Kwani, are we innately incapable of doing anything without tainting it with pesa imepotea wapi??

But these are the sort of day to day issues that keep our papers selling. Bloated cabinet, stolen maize, hunger, MPs paying bribes for votes...blah blah blah blah blah blah. So, some people go in search of something else other than newspapers and when we find something that smells clean and says, "100% Proud to be Kenyan" we buy every copy of it possible, we even have 3 or 4 or even 5 copies of the same damn thing proudly sitting on our bookshelves because it smells cleeeeannnn....hmmmm...can you smell that?

But soon the dust begins to settle on the well leafed pages and we crave for more of that fresh clean air. And being the fortunate few, we simply flick open our laptops and google the word:


The results are not what we expect. So some people begin to ask questions like the gentleman below...

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