Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let the looting go on!

Looting the Budget – Ksh 9.6 Billion Missing, and the fraudulent unjustifiable approval of an amount of kshs 26.7Billion from the Supplementary estimates of Recurrent Expenditure of the Government of Kenya for the year 2008/2009

May 5th, 2009 by Mars Group Kenya

This afternoon Gitobu Imanyara, MP, will request for a statement from the Minister of Finance regarding glaring discrepancies in the documents presented to Parliament for approval of the Supplementary Budget last week.

Mars Group Analysis of the Supplementary Budget and comparison of figures within the Approved National Budget show systematic differences which caused Parliament to vote additional funds to the Government when additional funds were not necessary as Parliament had approved the expenditure in June last year.

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Anonymous said...

Is it not funny how you quickly publish this story but totally ignore the story on Raila and his family involvement in Maize scandal???

Hypocrites hypocrites!!!!!

sukuma kenya said...

Thanks Anonymous. Please do send me a blog post and I would be more than happy to publish

Anonymous said...

since i cannot finf=d your contact details, here is the post;

Why Selective Criticism in Kenyan Blogs

Wiston Churchhill once said “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.”

I am a disappointed Kenyan. Disappointed because of a scaring tread that has emerged as far as fair reporting of Kenya’s politics is concerned. Many Kenyans who frequent the many blogs discussing Kenyan politics will agree with me that most of the blogs are mouth pieces of some political parties. The owners of the blogs only publish stories demonizing one of the political party mostly unfairly quoting faceless sources. When for example a report compiled by MP’s from both political divide finds foul play on the part of the Prime Minister and his family concerning the Maize Scandal, these blogs literally continued running unrelated stories and their owners literally deleted comments from concerned Kenyans that faulted Raila. Kumekucha led in this end. Other blogs choose to recycle old stories.
Imagine if the committee had found Kibaki guilty of the sleeze? All blogs would have published the story as ‘Breaking News’. And I bet the story would have run for days. Why the hypocricy?

When blogs that purport to lead the war of redeeming the country are involved in cover ups when their so called ‘democrats’ are caught with their snouts in the public coffers, then how do we expect a better Kenya? Where are the honest Kenyans in the blogsphere to lead the way since the road is packed with wolves in sheep skins?

I sign off with wise words from Joseph Joubert; “Children need role models rather than critics.” Don’t shake your head I know,…. that is asking too much.


kachwanya said...

After days of claiming that things are ok, that there is no fault play, Uhuru is now saying that it might have been typing error, made me laugh. Kudos to Gitobu for blowing the whistle. Treasury is the epicenter fo corruption in Kenya.

Sukuma Kenya said...

Hi Rose,
I have put your comment as a post. I think you have a very valid point and thanks for expressing it for others to read...