Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Our Turn To Eat...

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Anonymous said...

the serialisation of Michela's book on the daily nation paper has made me livid and right now i am only feeling obligated to pay tax because it is the moral thing to do, i am paying because a terminally ill child in Kenyatta hospital needs chemotherapy and my tax might meet that need if it slips the fingers of those gluttons, i am paying my tax because in my dreams at night i see that child in Turkana reaching out for that very juicy looking wild fruit to eat and quell the hunger pangs but it is death for the innocent soul. i know that my tax is what has certainly bought the gluttons' wives those flushy cars drive around and leave clouds of dust for our noses to filter and splash muddy waters on us as we walk to work so that we can give them the 'dues'. this is not fatalism, i am trying to be moral here. God help us