Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Five of Kenya’s leading radio stations raised 172 metric tons of food over the weekend, in the country’s first twenty-four hour food appeal.

“We are astounded by the results of the appeal. To achieve so much in twenty fours hours in this country is unheard of. Now, we can save hundreds of children and other vulnerable group,” said Abbas Gullet, Kenya Red Cross Secretary General.

The appeal followed the declaration of a national disaster by President Kibaki. The President acknowledged that 10 million Kenyans were at the risk of starvation. In the past week, three people have died from starvation with hundreds more at risk.

The stations from the Radio Africa Group, in a remarkable national appeal that ended Saturday morning, got hundreds of Kenyans from all over the country to buy bags of food for the hungry. The appeal is a part of a Media Owners Association initiative.

“We believe in Kenyans and they have proven yet again that even in the most difficult of circumstances, we are still a nation of great and compassionate people who will support each other,” said Martin Khafafa, deputy chairman of the Media Owners Association of Kenya and General Manager of the Radio Africa group.

The food, which includes maize meal, rice, beans and cooking oil, is now being packed into two-month bundles, which will be distributed to families across Kenya during this week.

The appeal brought together Kenya’s leading presenters including Caroline Mutoko, Maina Kageni, Kalekye Mumo, Aleem Manji, Joseph Ogidi and the whole Radio Africa presenter team. The stations that participated were KISS 100, Classic 105, East FM, Radio Jambo and Xfm.

The campaign was conducted in collaboration with the Kenya Red Cross and Nakumatt. The Kenya Red Cross will distribute all the food collected.

FYI: Sukuma Kenya was able to contribute about 98,000/= with the support of Ladies in Action and the Klara Foundation. Click HERE to read more about this.

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