Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Arrested and beaten for asking for food...

From Mars Group Kenya

Philo Ikonya, Fwamba FC Fwamba, and Patrick Kamotho have been beaten and arrested by Police while demonstrating against lack of Unga, and corruption in Government at Parliament Buildings. Philo Ikonya and Fwamba FC Fwamba arecurrently being held at Central Police Station. The whereabouts of Patrick Kamotho are still Unknown.

On Friday, 3 other colleagues were arrested while sharing information on Corruption with other Kenyans. Two were released and Rosemary Otieno was charged with a bogus charge at the City court.

The Grand Coalition Government has allowed the Kenya Police to continue harassing Kenyans who exercise their Fundamental Rights as guaranteed under the Constitution Of Kenya. Agenda 1 of the National Accord was to restore the Fundamental Rights of all Kenyans with immediate effect. Can Kenyans continue to pay for this Government?

The time to admit failure by this Government to deliver the National Accord is now. We demand the immediate, unconditional release of our colleagues, and call for the Commissioner of Police, Major General Hussein Ali to resign with immediate effect on the basis that his force is unable to deliver on Fundamental Human Rights for Kenyans.


Caroline said...

I am shocked and ravaged by such a reality, here, right next to us, at Kenyans's door, home, household. The power of Philo, Fwamba, Kamotho, you, George...and so many others...such human beings is unlimited and invincible. Invincible although your lives are at stake.
Philo is driven, driven by a belief that Freedom, Justice, Truth, Peace, Respect are not an option and that she will dedicate her life and her illusions to fight for such values.
The net is tightening in Kenya and leaders are a disgrace to Kenyan people and to Humanity.
There is always something to be done even just to unfailingly tell this story and all the others, never get used to horror. We have to use our best skills to disseminate, inform, act, sue, propose...stand up and connect for us and our children to believe that another world is conceivable.
People may doubt what you/we say, but they will believe what you/we do and by saying no to violence, to impunity, to harrassment, to people dying, to corruption, to the end of Humanity...Philo and the others sacrifice and devote to keep hope alive and by change the world, our world.
I would like to thank you Philo, Dipesh and your Kenyan comrades as well as all human beings fighting for their rights and the ones of those "they" try to keep quiet...
I have written to the French media and kept udated all my contacts and hopefully it will be of an interest in a world blunt by terror.
I wish to see you safe always.
Yours sincerely,

Rebecca Selvarajah-Jaffery said...

There are more of us who want to help. Dipesh, please tell us what we can do. I am willing to give my life if needed to put an end to the greed of Kenyan leaders.

Rebecca Selvarajah-Jaffery

Sukuma Kenya said...

Thanks for your comments and show of solidarity. For now we can just keep sending sms to MPs and write emails to Kofi Annan's spokesperson. Please see the blog post above this one which has all the contacts. I will keep you posted on public actions that you may wish to join. Please also keep spreading the word. The government needs to know that even the middle and upper class will no longer tolerate things the way they are...