Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And an update from Ladies In Action...

This blog began one bloody day not so long ago as a way to raise funds for Internally Displaced People and victims of the post-election violence. Remember this:

Click on image for more scenes buried in cyberspace.

Ladies In Action, a charity run my parent in Kisumu wanted to use their network within communities to help as many people as possible but needed financial assistance. So we started Sukuma Kenya and sent out appeals to all our friends and family members. You all responded with what seemed at the time as a limitless love. My folks and their team of volunteers have continued to reach out and funds have come to an end for this specific purpose:

10 months later, Ladies In Action have probably done more than the government has to help its people. 10 months later, Kenya has an ostensible layer of peace, lots more 4wd cars and hundreds of thousands still dependant on hand-outs. As citizens and friends of Kenya, we have done what we can. As citizens and friends of Kenya, I think I can speak for all of us at the disappointment in this so-called coalition and all the Commissions of Enquiry this and enquiry that. The KNCHR went as far as to release a report with the names of leading politicians with hard evidence on their direct involvement in the violence. Result: nada. Not a damn thing came out of that.

Meanwhile, I continue to rant and rave into cyberspace with the only visible difference in google statistics depending on whether I blog about penises or taking logs out of our asses. Other than that, I have to sadly admit that we have gained nothing in Kenya. Even the so-called civil society activists seem to have gone back to their usual workshop routine. We could not even get more than 230 people to sign a damn petition demanding Kenya MPs reduce their salaries (given that they are only one of the most highest paid in the world in a country that ranks pretty much at the bottom end in the poverty scale). Blah, blah, blah.

Hopefully America will sink us all into a deep dark hole in the bush and then the bugs can have a chance at ruling the world...

The end.
(of this post....what else would I do with myself if I stopped blogging)


Anonymous said...

It's true. The bugs would do a better job running the world.

But it's the Ladies in Action and people like you that keep the light from being extinguished until the bugs can take over.

Thanks for the bleak laugh specially about the topics that get the most hits.

paula said...

It sounds horrible but we can't give up Dipesh. When we despair we can't see an opportunity to help, or accep help. We need to find a way to be a bit more optimistic - to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I don't sign petitions in Kenya, I've never seen one amount to anything. I believe that there is hope, the killings have stopped, people like you and the ladies are helping, the electorate hopefully realise their folly...next election we will hopefully clean things up a bit more.

Phil said...

Congrats on what you have achieved so far Dipesh. I think it is trully remarkable however small and it just goes to show how much each of us can help in our own small little ways.

William Deed said...

Brilliant post.

I think you should despair -it's funny.

It's also realistic. The situation here is utter shit.

Well done to the Ladies in Action for their incredible work. And also to you.

Sukuma Kenya said...

Thanks for comments all. I think we should despair. I think we should do more than despair. I think we should take to thorwing bags of shit and MPs cars. I think we should piss on parliament. We have become complacent. It is ok for us when people are not killing eachother outside our frontgates because none of what is really happening actually affects us. We can still buy our overpriced baguette from Yaya and drink coffee at the local paedophile centre, Java. And life goes on. Goodnight, sleeptight...
PS. Will congrats on getting auctioned!

William Deed said...