Tuesday, September 30, 2008

80,000 + IDPs still in camps...

Kriegler Commission, Waki Commission, Commission of Inquiry on post-election violence, blah blah blah! Workshops, talk shops, debates, theater, art exhibitions, blah blah blah!
FACT: there are over 80,000 people still stuck in camps
FACT: there are communities full of hate and anger just waiting for a reason to let it out
FACT: our politicians have started spending tax payers money on their election campaigns for 2012 or whenever it is.
FACT: Kenyan politicians are thieves. PROOF: look at their personal assets and their use of state assets (yes, Kenyans that means YOUR PESA)
FACT: Nobody is signing this petition to demand they reduce their salaries and give back land
FACT: We are a hopeless basketcase and deserve to be raped by politicians. We voted for them and we keep them in power.

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