Wednesday, July 29, 2009


A message from the Solidarity Network Of Kenya:

"The formation of the TJRC at this particular juncture, when it has been in the offing for over a year, is clearly a red herring. It has been dropped into the public arena to distract us from the debate raging over the Hague v Local Tribunal option. The powers-that-be might even be hoping that we will dump the Hague/Tribunal and settle for the TJRC – this is more than possible as Kenyans are noted for the brevity of their attention-span. Then we shall be kept busy and occupied with endless arguments, protests and debates over a non-functioning, highly manipulated and deceptive TJRC. The process is conveniently set to take 3 years – just in time for the 2012 election when all will be forgiven for the villains to renew their money-guzzling and murderous activities.

And of course the long suffering Kenyans will be expected to feel good, if not actually thankful.

Kenya badly needs the TJRC and that we should take control of it and use it to our advantage. But can we? Is there a single mission or commission that we have taken control of for our advantage? I think not, however, that doesn’t mean we should not try. BUT THIS IS NOT THE TIME. First let us settle the Hague/Tribunal issue – let us do our utmost to ensure that we put in place a tribunal here in Kenya (apart from all else we want to SEE justice being done) with all the necessary safeguards for a just and transparent trial. If we can do that then we move to the next step – setting up a credible TJRC where we have a say in the appointment of commissioners and in the process. If we cannot, believe me the TJRC will just pull the wool over our eyes. Let us stay focussed and not get waylaid.

It is 99% agreed that the TJRC chair is unacceptable! But are we going to fritter away our energy, time and resources to evict this one person. He is not the only problem. I say let us demand: ‘No TJRC for now – We want a Local Tribunal first’ and then let us start organising for the kind of tribunal we want. Annan, Ocampo, Waki, the EU and many many others nationally and internationally are all with us on this. It couldn’t be a better time and a better opportunity for us to build solidarity, plan strategy and organise non-violent forms of resistance. If we can do that then we shall have learnt how to achieve our aims and we will ensure we get a TJRC that truly brings the justice and reconciliation that Kenyans have died for."

Zarina Patel
Solidarity Network Kenya
P O Box 32843 - 00600
Nairobi, Kenya

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Paula said...

Maybe that T-shirt should say ARREST WAKO!

pk said...

Check out this video

Anonymous said...

"It is 99% agreed that the TJRC chair is unacceptable!"
Really? Why? I always thought Bethuel Kiplagat as an excellent ambassador for peace.

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