Tuesday, July 14, 2009

18th July - It's Our Turn To Eat: Readings in Kisumu

This Saturday July 18, 2009 11am to 4pm International PEN Kenya Chapter, takes the READING of Michela's 'Its Our Turn To Eat,' to Kisumu. The VENUE: Aga Khan Sports Centre.

'Every age,' said Oscar Wilde, 'is fought using its own weapons.' Ours is the information age. Let Kenyans be told something about their government and individuals who waste their resources and time, trying to project themselves as leaders. No, they are not, and this we do not need to belabour. Its WHY the ASIAN TIGERS are ahead of us today.

Kenya needs recalibration. That calls for a good sense of history.

Michela Wrong gathers together pieces of a fragmented nightmarish narrative, and delivers it to the victim, a community afflicted by capricious gods undieted on Olympian foods. Put differently, they are not invincible. Whatever the community does with the message is not for the messenger to decide.

Khainga O'Okwemba, poet/literary critic &
Treasurer, International PEN Kenya Chapter

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