Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Talking about a revolution?

Today's Daily Nation carries a piece (hat tip Siboe) that looks at the alternative scenarios to the failed democracy that Kenya is currently in. Is a revolutionary leadership a la Rwanda, Venezuela or Cuba the way to go or is a, "benevolent dictator... such as Murtala Mohammed of Nigeria" the only solution for Kenya as Koigi Wamwere suggests?

Besides our politicians, I don't think there is any Kenyan who would disagree that we have failed as a nation to provide equal opportunities for all; that we have failed to be honest people; that we have failed to care for those less fortunate than ourselves. We have failed.

Whilst, we desperately need an overhaul, the big question is will we be able to do it without hacking each other to pieces? Was the blood we spilled after the December 2007 elections enough to prove to ourselves that no violence can possibly be justified?

And do we actually have anybody capable of leading this country out of the current state of decay? Who will lead us safely into positive change? Does anyone have any ideas who is actually suitable for the job? Can we trust anyone?

I am curious to know what others in the blogosphere think...

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