Friday, March 27, 2009

Last call for submissions on "Digitizing Kenya"!

Wajibu Magazine is calling again for submissions of articles for an issue entitled, "Digitizing Kenya – The impact of multimedia on the socio-cultural and political landscape in Kenya". This was supposed to be the first issue of the year but the editorial team felt it was important to have a special issue on, "Kenya - One Year later" which has just come out. Click HERE for more details on the content and where you can purchase.

The Wajibu team is opening up the calling for submissions again for the second issue this year on all aspects of how digital technology is shaping public discourse, culture, politics and economy in Kenya. Topics of particular (but not exclusive) interest are:

· The internet and social justice
· How development operates within the new face of communications
· Integrating digital technologies into mainstream media
· Trade and economy
· Civil society interactions
· ‘Good governance’ and human rights discourses
· Cultural interactions
· The evolution of content

Words: 1200 – 2000

Deadline: April 25th 2009

Publication Date: Early June

WAJIBU: a journal of social and ethical concern, is a Kenyan journal that has been published in Kenya for the past 22 years and has subscribers not only in Kenya but in various other countries in Africa and abroad. Every three months readers are treated to an array of in-depth analytical coverage of issues such as “Peacebuilding: gaining or losing?” “The Millennium development goals,” “Education: a constant challenge,” “Roadmap to a just society,” “Culture and values,” “Traditional African wisdom and modern life,” “Human dignity and the value of one life,” and other issues of major concern to Africans and those who love Africa .

For further information or to submit: dpinkenya (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk


Anonymous said...

"Digitizing Kenya?"
A bit bloated and presumptuous a title in a country where the so-called Department of E-Government (shame on them) for 3 years until now did not have have an email address (!) and referred all inquiries to a PO box (!).

Learn to stand on your hind legs first, before your talk about marathon running.

Sukuma Kenya said...

Thanks for that anonymous. Perhaps you would like to write an article about this very subject? Please do. I think it would be a great addition to the issue.