Friday, November 21, 2008

Unsung Peace Heroes

Put UNSUNG PEACE HEROES in the spotlight

"Nominate your Hero today!"

WHO IS YOUR HERO? After the general elections of December 2007 violence sparked all over Kenya. Neighbours turned on neighbours and friends became enemies. But not everyone succumbed to the madness in those dark hours.
There were people who, during moments of crisis and violence, risked their own lives to save members of other communities.
During the post election period many Kenyans reached out to neighbours or to those in camps, to give a helping hand. Youth peace initiatives, peace marches and symbolic acts have sprung up around the country to restore the damage done and create positive change.

Unsung Peace Heroes

We want to set those UNSUNG PEACE HEROES in the spotlight.
Kenyan heroes are ordinary people who did extraordinary things for their fellow citizens or their country. More then once when we talk about heroes, we talk about men. But our unknown heroes can be men or woman; they can be young or old.
Do you know a hero? Someone who organized a peace march, a peace song, gave someone shelter or stood up for members of other communities?
Do you know someone who did something extraordinary to restore peace and social cohesion? Let other people get inspired by this initiative and nominate your hero!!!


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