Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Join in the fight against the culture of impunity

As concerned and caring citizens of Kenya and elsewhere, we really cannot let the politicians rubbish the Waki Report and must help to bring justice to the table. Signing a petition might not help but it will certainly add to the pressure if there are thousands that do sign.

Please add your name to the petition by clicking on HERE


Dad Mzungu said...

You know, we have a similar problem in the UK. OUr government is riding all over our freedoms that we have enjoyed since time immemorial.
But just lately, people, ordinary people have started to realise what is happening. A lot of blogs have sprung up, they all show dissent.
The government is getting worried, they are bad-mouthing bloggers - a sure sign that they are worried.
Blogging is a powerful tool.
Governments read blogs and alohough it may not be obvious, they take notice - it is a way og gauging the feeling of the wananchi.
Keep up the good work.

Sukuma Kenya said...

Could not agree with you more. Blogs are a platform for the many to have a voice and we must get more and more to use petitions like this.
Thanks dad mzungu