Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wajibu Magazine - An Inconvenient Truth: The Challenge for Kenya

"The issues that we are focussing on are not unrelated to the political crisis that hit Kenya at the turn of the year. We are reminded frequently that there are unresolved issues of land. The displacement of many farming families and uncertainty over the future has reduced the acreage planted to food crops. Fertilizer application has been reduced due to the huge increase in prices. The so called “long rains” have been shorter than usual in some parts of the country. Shortage of food in the local market, together with rising prices globally, presents a serious challenge to the Government of Kenya. If Kenya is to come through this crisis, narrow interests of politicians have to be set aside and the coalition between ODM and PNU must be made to work"
(Donald Thomas, Issue Editor)

Articles include:

Interview with Dr. Richard Leakey
Environmental Crises: a Christian View (Prof Jesse Mugambi)
Mau Forest: Reflections of Sir Mohinder Dhillon
Renewable Energy in Kenya (Mark Hankins)

And much more...

can be obtained for Ksh. 100/= at the following outlets: Stanley Kiosk, Simply Books, University of Nairobi Bookshop, Catholic Bookshop, LISS library at the Rahimtulla Trust Building on Mfangano Street, Books First (Yaya Centre) and Monty's (Sarit Centre).

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