Friday, August 29, 2008

Fat Salaries for Fat Wives

This is Kenya:

  1. First Lady, Lucy Kibaki: Receives US $ 8,000 per month in allowances
  2. Mrs Pauline Kalonzo, wife of Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka: Set to receive US $ 6,000
  3. Mrs Ida Odinga, wife of Prime Minister Raila Odinga: Set to receive US $ 6,000
TOTAL: US $ 20,000 a month on allowances

Kenya nchi yetu...
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::Alejandro:: said...

Happy BlogDay 2008!

I listed your blog as one of my five recommended blogs for BlogDay 2008 at
this link.

Keep up the great job! Greetings from Los Angeles.

paula said...

Nice post. These guys are unbelievable. How much does Wambui make?

Rafiki said...

What are the wives really doing? Could we have a KSh 35 coin with their faces pictured on it to justify their existence? It would certainly be a better justification for their small handout.

Sukuma Kenya said...

And happy blog day to you Alejandro! From Peru to Kenya...the internet rocks!
Paula: I think Wambui is on an Armenian pension scheme. She is well taken care of.
Rafiki: maybe they can put out a new set of coins. Special collection: three little pigs...