Tuesday, July 8, 2008


From Mwalimu Mati
Mars Group Kenya

To the Commissioner of Police and the Government of Kenya:

"We demand the unconditional release of our patriotic colleagues in the civil society who were brutally manhandled and arrested this morning as they exercised their constitutional rights to demand the resignation of Amos Kimunya as Finance Minister.

Their right to freedom of peaceable assembly was brutally violated by members of the Kenya Police. We demand their unconditional release for they have committed no crime. The Police officers who directed the assault on Ann Njogu and her colleagues must be subjected to appropriate discipline by the Commissioner of Police.

Kenya is not a Police State and Kenyans will not surrender their constitutional freedoms or their right to complain against wrongdoing, or to speak against grand corruption and impunity.

The arrested members of the civil society must be released. In any event the man they were protesting against, former Finance Minister Amos Kimunya has resigned his office and stepped aside to facilitate investigations into the subject matter of the protest of civil society.

In the spirit of a transparent enquiry into the role played by numerous public officers and institutions in the grand corruption saga that is the Grand Regency Hotel 'handover' and sale, it is morally and legally right that no one should be punished for speaking out for the Kenyan people in their time of need."


The Bunge La Mwananchi members arrested earlier today in demonstrations that finally caused Kimunya to cave in and resign from the finance docket, have been brutally beaten by the police officers that arrested them. The group of activists were beaten at the Gigiri police station and have sustained grave injuries. Mr George Nyongesa, Bunge La Mwananchi's leader, has had his arm possibly fractured at the elbow. Another activist has been hit by a baton in the temple and is unable to walk or talk. Several other members sport equally serious injuries. However, the OCS, Deputy OCS, OCPD at the Gigiri police post have all gone into hiding and the police officers manning the Gigiri police station have refused to enter the activists' complaints of injuries, stolen belongings, nor any charges in the occurrence book. Despite the injuries, the Gigiri police as well as the Central police have refused to permit the activists to receive medical attention. The DCIO at Gigiri indicated that the matter was being handled by central police while the central police equally shifted the buck to the Gigiri police. Those arrested have been taken to the Kibera law courts. It is unclear what charges will be preferred against them.

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