Friday, July 4, 2008

Ladies In Action Update

It's been a while since we posted about the post-election crises activities that this blog was set up as a response to. You will recall that we raised a total of £9,168 in just under a month mostly through the amazing network of friends that we have around the world.
As you also know, Ladies In Action is essentially made up of Mr. and Mrs. Pabari and Ren and the goodwill of volunteers like themselves. Since things have calmed down, they have been trying to get back to the core activities that Ladies In Action was set up for which were put on hold due to the events in January.
However, there are still funds (£3,712) remaining from the friends of Sukuma Kenya appeal and unfortunately, there are still a number of Internally Displaced People needing assistance within the Kisumu environs. According to Red Cross Kenya:

(Source: OCHA Kenya)

Ladies In Action are assisting in groups of ten by giving out business packages containing Omena local sardines which make up part of the staple diet); Paraffin, Flour and oil for making chapatis.

For more information on responses to the election violence around Kenya, click HERE

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